The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Transfer Tuesday Edition

I have a tentative timeline in place for the switch over to the dedicated server. What that means for you, the reader, is that when the switch is complete those annoying error messages that you are getting on the site (the same ones that are making it difficult for me to add updates to the site) will go away, it should be relatively faster, and there shouldn’t be any more shenanigans. Even better, having my own server makes it possible to do a few interesting things that I’ve not been able to do before.

Hopefully, I’ll have the server secured this evening, will be able to have a copy of the site moved over to the new server on Wednesday, and have all of the DNS entries updated and be using the new server entirely on Thursday. I’m giving myself a full day of breathing room on this schedule, though. My goal is to have the entire move finished before the weekend so that I can return to bringing you the usual high level of posts and such starting again next Monday. I have some real treats in store for you all in the coming weeks (including a book review that can best be described as incendiary, a couple new photo diaries, and maybe even … well, just stick around!).

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  1. Good luck making the move! Hopefully your next hose doesn’t pull a dreamhost on you!

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