The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Tuesday Blues Edition

One day in and the book proposal isn’t going quite as smoothly as I would have hoped. I’m having a hard time finding a happy medium between a hundred page pseudo-pamphlet and a 900 page phone book. Here are a few more great personal finance resources.

How Our Estate Plan Is Structured A primer on how to plan for after you’re gone. (@ five cent nickel)

Personal Finances @ Yahoo! Finance A lot of information on various financial topics. Some of it is really good, some is so-so. (@ yahoo finance

Ask Questions About Personal Finance … or Anything Else A fantastic place to get good answers to your questions. It requires a small fee to sign up and get questions answered (or answer them) – this keeps the trolls and spammers out and makes it quite interesting and worthwhile.

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  1. j&w says:

    Here is a filter of the Ask Metafilter questions related to work & money:

    It’s a great site.

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