The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: V8 Revenge Edition

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Remember the lady who complained at me because I gave my toddler V8 to drink? Well, I saw her again yesterday afternoon… and guess what she was doing? Taking a six (or so) year old kid into McDonalds! Welcome to the hypocrisy club! Anyway, here are some personal finance posts.

5 Different Ways To Build An Emergency Fund No, a credit card is not a good emergency fund, but there are some interesting and good alternatives here. (@ the digerati life)

Preparing Financially To Go Solo This is a nice guide to some of the preparations you need to quit your job and become self-employed. (@ queercents)

Are Car Manufacturers Compromising On Safety In Favor Of Style? – The Story Of Poor Bumper Design This popped up on one of my favorite personal finance blogs. Look, I can walk up to most new cars, give the bumper a firm push, and note that it has a lot of give to it – that makes me uncomfortable. I drive a truck with a massive bumper on it and I’ve bumped into things with nary a scratch. Yes, again, in my eyes, plastic cars are awful. (@ money, matter, and more musings)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Explaining Simple Interest, Compound Interest, APR, and APY This post was one of the first I wrote that was directly requested by a reader – she wanted me to explain the difference between APR and APY, so I went all the way back to the basics and built it up from scratch.

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5 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: V8 Revenge Edition

  1. Potatoes are vegetables, right? Personally I also prefer them French fried rather than liquified! :)

  2. You mentioned the article about car safety popping up “on one of your favorite personal finance blogs” and yet you didn’t provide a link. Can you please email that blog’s url?


    I’ve really enjoyed your blog/site/emails!

  3. LOL, V8 vs. Mickey D’s…carry a copy of “Supersize Me” with you. Next time you see the Mom in question, be randomly kind and approach her with a bit of Buddhist diffidence, tell you’ve learned a lot about nutrition from this documentary, hand her the thing and smile. Wish her a good day.

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