The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Veteran’s Day Edition

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, a day in which Americans are to remember those who fought in wars. Regardless of your feelings on the current military activities of the United States, the troops on the ground lay their lives on the line every day representing this nation, and we should remember them. That said, let’s peek at what’s new in the personal finance blogosphere.

What It Takes To Make Money On The Internet This is the most awesome article I’ve read in quite a while; if you read one thing from this list, read this one. This person gets it – the key to making money on the internet is dedication in the long term. If you’re thinking of starting a personal finance blog because you’ve got ten or fifteen great ideas and you believe that you’ll have a lot of readers because of those ideas, think again. (@ personal finance advice)

Savers vs. Shoppers: A Vogue Analysis I am almost always quite entertained by articles on personal finance in “mainstream” magazines, and this one is no different. The magazines almost always have a massive underlying assumption that the reader is a major consumer and they define buying only a $3,000 jacket as being “thrifty.” Who are these people? (@ the frugal duchess)

Being 20 With No Money Oh, yeah, if you’re 20 and you have no money, you’re likely in college, so that means you should be loading up on the free stuff. When I was in college, it only took minimal footwork to find tons of free food, t-shirts, notebooks, movies, books, and so on; it’s amazing how much stuff is completely free on a college campus if you pay attention. That means you’re not spending money on stupid things. (@ efipo)

Including Pennies In My Net Worth If your coins are an asset, of course you should count them! My only concern is that when a significant amount of coins are just sitting around, wouldn’t they be better off in a high yield savings account? (@ one frugal girl)

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I also enjoyed the piece about making money on the Internet and the article from Vogue was entertaining and somewhat insightful, excluding the $9,000 designer coat. LOL!
    Take care.

  2. I appreciate the mention and like how you have set up this weekend reading post. Went to the articles listed and all were ones I would have otherwise missed.

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