The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Waiting On My Laptop Edition

Where are you? You should be coming soon! I just watched the UPS man drive by…

Tips From Adam Sandler’s Bulk Shopping Trip This is why I dearly love the Frugal Duchess; only she could come up with some sort of personal finance insight from reading US Weekly magazine. Why am I wasting my time reading Forbes and Money when all of the hot financial goodies are squeezed in between the latest K-Fed news? (@ frugal duchess)

Do You Know What A Dollar Is Worth? Do you want to know what education really buys you? Freedom from backbreaking physical labor, that’s what. (@ 2million)

ING Direct’s New Electric Orange Checking Account I only hand-write roughly one check a month as it is, so this account seems like a stellar deal to me. The only thing that makes me kind of fuzzy about it is the lack of an easy way to write a check in a pinch, but I guess the money they’re saving in check management is being passed along as a nice interest return instead – 3.3% APY on all balances? Wow. (@ bank deals)

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  1. Hey Thanks for the kind mention.

    You’re on my must-read list! Your series on Building a Better Blog for 2007 is great.
    Take care!

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