The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Weird IM Conversations Edition

A lot of my readers know my IM name. A few of those readers seem to think I’ll be really interested in their weird eBay auctions. No, I’m not going to help you out by buying your set of 1985 Topps baseball cards, chief. Now, onto some personal finance news.

Discover 0% APR For Life Decoded My astute wife said, “Discover might lose some money to savvy people, but they’ll make a lot more from the stupid people.” So goes America, I guess. (@ consumerist)

I Just Hope It’s Not Real This is a fantastically frightening story if it’s true. This person bought a house at more than ten times their household annual income and accepted a loan that actually increases in balance each month because their payment is less than the monthly interest amount. “We’re in trouble!” No kidding! (@ it’s just money)

The Symbolism Of Money A wonderful perspective on money, family, and relationships. (@ an english major’s money)

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  1. Wow–two links in two days! Thanks!

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