The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Welcome to 2007 Edition

2007 is here, along with a cavalcade of personal finance posts. Also, if you scroll down to the bottom, I’ve listed a few goals I’ve set for The Simple Dollar in 2007.

“False” Diversification May Prove Costly In 2007 This article seems reasonable and the conclusion is right, but I think that he needs to expand his definition of diversification. A portfolio that’s 100% in stocks is going to go down in a bear market. (@ seeking alpha)

Are Your Goals On Repeat? There’s some real food to think about here. I think it’s fine to have goals that are similar to the goals of previous years, but if they’re merely the same goal over and over without any real progress, you need to do some serious re-evaluation. (@ blunt money)

MS Money 2004 Expired It’s something to worry about, but I found that Money and Quicken are something like training wheels for most people. They help you if you’re committed to learning to ride the bicycle of personal finance, but once you learn to ride, they become less useful. (@ my personal finance blog)

2007 Goals for The Simple Dollar

Since this isn’t exactly the type of thing that deserves it’s own entry, I thought I would tack it on down here. Here are the goals I’ve set for The Simple Dollar in 2007.

2,000 posts Basically, this is a commitment to maintain my current posting schedule, which will add up to about 2,000 posts over the course of the year. That’s a lot of content – but I’m ready to tackle it.

9 million page views Basically, I want to maintain my traffic from December 2006 across the whole year, with just a slight increase month over month (about 2%). If I do that, I’ll reach 9 million page views this year. I considered making this goal an even ten million, but that might be stretching things, as I’m not sure how long-term my success will be.

A top 500 ranking on Technorati I want to do this organically, without requesting links. In about two months, I reached the 6,000 mark, so if I keep the site up and eventually get a solid Page Rank, I have at least a chance of reaching this goal. Of course, you can help by linking to my posts!

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