The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Winter Apocalypse 2007 Edition

An inch and a half of ice with nine inches of snow on top of it means that trees collapse from the weight of it all and vehicles are almost impossible to move. I spent hours outside today with a scoop shovel and trying desperately to move some cars, and now I’m completely beat. So here are two posts that stood out to me from the personal finance blogs I keep tabs on.

Death To High Interest Rate Credit Cards! This person used credit card advice I posted here last week to score a ten percent credit card rate reduction. That’s some serious savings – and proof that the advice around here actually works. (@ money vs. debt)

Friends Floundering In Debt Every single time you spend money you don’t have, you’re risking your entire future. Doubt it? Read this story. (@ my money forest)

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  1. Crys says:

    I also took the intitiative to call my credit card companies to get a lower APR, but all I had to do was ask to have it lowered.

  2. Mitch says:

    Yes, keep the trees and the cars apart! When we had the ice storm here in Missouri, my partner’s back windshield was smashed by a falling branch, and we are still having branches breaking off over a month later (storm-battered and vulnerable to the continuing wind). We also learned that replacing the back windshield with heating elements is much less expensive than it was last time he had to do that–I think it’s more common because it’s a later model (2002 Toyota), so the invisible hand maybe helped us out.

    (The ice was gorgeous despite its malevolence, though, and more winter than I’ve seen since moving “south.” Many people were taking pictures.)

  3. jake says:

    The Quixtar story was exactly like me, my hairs stood up reading what he recounted.

    Same story, room mate’s friend in college came by one night with a very good pitch and of course I was all for it. After not seeing money come in but having to bust my butt off all day I began to question everything. Which is when I came to my senses.

    Back then, that being 3-4 years ago, they hit the college campuses very aggressively. This thing was very well known through out the dorms, and being fueled by greedy kids wanting quick money, it was a nasty mix.

    I lost hundreds along with my room mate and never saw a dime. I had to do so much work too.

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