The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Writer’s Block Edition

This was an incredibly long weekend, especially since I hit my first real bout of writer’s block in a while. I get really frustrated and feel tired when it happens. Thankfully, the dam seemed to break open on Sunday evening, but not after I felt like I was pulling teeth doing some writing over the weekend. Anyway, onto the personal finance news.

Student Loan Rates Dropping In The Near Future Interesting analysis, but I’m not sure if Clark Howard is a great source for this type of news. Of course, when I first read this, I thought it said Clint Howard. (@ five cent nickel)

McDonalds Brainwashing Why do kids like McDonalds? In the end, it’s a parental choice; if you allow your child to go to McDonalds on a regular basis and reinforce it as a “treat,” they’re going to like it. (@ living almost large)

Who Is Responsible For The Payday Loan Trap? My personal opinion is that a complete lack of strong personal finance education is to blame. People simply don’t know how dangerous these things are because they don’t really understand the consequences. (@ get rich slowly)

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