The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Writing Blues Edition

Sometimes, I get disheartened about my own writing ability. I’m working on a special writing project right now and while it’s going well, tonight I spent two hours just shredding earlier stuff I’ve written and completely reprocessing it. Sigh. Here are some personal finance posts.

How to Keep Your Car Running Longer – 10 Simple Maintenance Tips I’ve mentioned the value of airing up your tires and cleaning your car’s air filter, but here are eight more great tasks along those same lines. Each one’s a great way to at the very least extend the life of your car. (@ wyotech)

Why Net Worth Is A Poor Measure of Wealth This post makes the astute point that net worth isn’t very valid for comparing people from different social situations. That’s actually a big part of the reason why I post my monthly net worth updates as percent change rather than raw numbers; the point is that I’m only comparing myself with my past self as a motivational tool… maybe I should write more about that. (@ punny money)

10 Cheap Cities to Live In Two Iowa cities on the list; that’s not surprising as the entire state is a good deal. Lots of interesting things are actually happening here, and the property values outside of the Des Moines area are tremendously low. (via binary dollar)

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