The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Young Child Personality Edition

My daughter is now five weeks old and in the last week a lot of personality has begun to emerge. I think she’s going to be rather mild mannered like her brother, perhaps even more so. She likes to sit/lay down and observe things for a very long period of time. My son, as he approaches age two, has a very long attention span compared to other children his age, to the point where we have actually considered getting him the game Candy Land for his second birthday, because we think he has the cognitive ability and the patience to handle it (or is very close to that level). Watching children’s personalities emerge is amazing.

Community, Sustainability, and the Individual This might go pretty far down the “voluntary simplicity” path for some, but I found it very interesting how it connects personal financial success to the success of the community. (@ queercents)

Stop Worrying About How You Got Into Debt and Start Focusing On How To Get Out The only reason you should ever look back is for lessons on how to get ahead. (@ the digerati life)

How To Become An Expert It takes diligence, passion, and a lot of work. (@ wise bread)

The Simple Dollar Retro: 20 Essential Tools For Getting Started With A Home, Garage, And Garden I currently have 19 of these – I think I had about 7 when I wrote the article.

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  1. paidtwice says:

    Thanks for linking to my guest post at Digerati Life! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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