The Simple Dollar Redesign to Come

I’m excited to announce a few upcoming changes to the look and feel of The Simple Dollar. Since kicking everything off at the end of 2006, I’ve pretty much kept the overall design the same, but after seeing what a redesign can do for a site, I realized The Simple Dollar could benefit from some basic changes.

I let some design people I trust pitch me a new look to the site’s menus and blog. What they showed me basically cut down on the clutter running alongside the blog and made my actual entries easier to read. They reworked the fonts and a little bit of the color scheme, but not too much – I’ve liked how the blog has felt since I started it, and didn’t want to get too far away from that. Most of the new design will be going live a week from now.

In the blog entries, the designers Pull Quote came up with a better design for pulling out some of the more important ideas that I write about and presenting them in a cleaner way than I’ve done in the past. In the image to the left is a preview of what it’s going to look like (click for a full-size view). Compare it to how the original post looks.

I like the look of this feature and it makes it a whole lot easier for you guys to get the major takeaways. And frankly, it’s easy for me to use, so I’ll use it often.

These changes are going live next week, but none are set in stone. Email me any feedback at I’ll read over everything you send in. I’ll keep posting that email address at the bottom of my upcoming blog posts so it’s easier to get in contact with me.

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