The Simple Dollar Relaunched!

Welcome to the relaunch of The Simple Dollar! For those of you who have never visited before, The Simple Dollar is a personal finance blog centered around the perspective of those of us who have dug ourselves into a deep hole of debt and are just learning the tools to escape from this pit. Focuses include money management, saving, and simple frugality, but we don’t exactly want to give up our lattes and computer games, either.

For those of you who were visitors to the site in its earlier form on BlogSpot, thank you. It was your surprisingly strong support for the site that encouraged me to take the leap from a troublesome hosting situation there onto my own hosting situation. Without your support, I would have never taken The Simple Dollar to the next level.

So, what’s in store? For this first week, I plan on migrating over many of the best posts from the old site, several per day (with a new article or two stuck in here and there). This will enable me to keep some of the best content of the past as I learn the ins and outs of WordPress, which is a new environment for me. Starting on Monday, November 6, I will begin a regular posting schedule here. Don’t worry, my writing will be at least as prolific as ever, and I have quite a few pieces ready to go.

Thanks for visiting The Simple Dollar, and I hope you’ll stay a while.

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  1. Husbandhood says:

    Since there are no comments here I decided to congratulate you on your move even if it was over a year ago.

  2. russds says:

    I was actually looking for your very first post. do you have an area of your site that has your first dozen or so posts? thanks!

  3. evi says:

    I’d also be interested in the very first posts – you mentioned how your writing-skills and -style has changed over time. But I also wanted to see what issues you wrote about when “it all began”…
    thank you,

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