The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Old Quarters Edition

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Recently, I learned that U.S. quarters minted before 1965 are actually almost pure silver, meaning that due to the high price of silver, the value of the metal in those quarters is far higher than $0.25.

For fun, I’ve been going through a jar full of collected quarters, removing any old ones that I find and keeping them separate. Thus far, I’ve found a few dozen of them. My plan is to collect as many as I can find, then sell them as a lot on eBay at a significant profit.

Half-dollars and dimes from 1964 or earlier also are made with significant amounts of silver, but the dimes have a much lower weight (and thus much less silver) and the half-dollars are much rarer.

“Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice If you don’t provide some value for others, you’re not going to make a good income. Strictly “doing what you love” often doesn’t provide value for others. The trick is to figure out how to do things you love in a way that provides value for others. (@ free money finance)

Financial Advice That No Longer Holds True I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that grabbing a bunch of student loans so you can head off to college right after high school is quite possibly a big mistake. (@ pt money)

Winning today vs. winning tomorrow Don’t spend a moment stressing out about why you’re not winning today. Instead, spend today setting yourself up to win tomorrow. (@ seth godin)

Edit: There was originally a fourth article linked here, but that article appears to have been edited in a negative fashion by the person running that site. The link has been removed. That’s one of the risks of linking to other sites – others can edit the content there outside of your control.

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39 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Old Quarters Edition

  1. Author of article #1 also has blog posts calling Trent “Financial [R word] of the Month”

  2. It’s good blog etiquette to put a note in your post when you edit – now none of the comments on this post make sense.

  3. I read that article when it came out. The author didn’t edit it, that is the normal tone of his blog, he’s pretty hardcore. He has quite a bit of disdain for Trent anyway and regularly rips on this blog so it was amusing to me that Trent would even link to him in the first place.

  4. First time I ever have seen the Control Your Cash blog. I read through some of it. I like it and bookmarked it – will now be on my “reading” list. It does take a different tone – maybe could be likened to in that regard. The lady who writes it makes excellent points in the articles I read.

  5. #22 Discovery of the week: a Johanna-like blog. Control Your Cash is harsh but well written and SO funny.

  6. #27 Don’t be. I read TSD mostly for your caustic (and most often appropriate) comments. Maybe I should move on ?

  7. Move on, or not – doesn’t matter to me. But if you think my comments are anything like a blogger who regularly calls people r-t-rds, then either you’ve missed the point or I haven’t conveyed it very well.

  8. Anyone have any problems with disappearing comments? When I hit submit the page refreshes and my comment is gone. There’s no mention of moderation either.

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