The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Podcast Edition

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First, an update on my own podcast: I’ve done some test recordings of episodes and am currently showing them to some potential sponsors. I hope to launch the podcast in April or May. I always like to have several episodes done in advance in case of emergencies, much like I do with Simple Dollar posts, so I’m going to have to finalize any sponsorship agreements, write several episodes, and record them before I launch things.

Also, people keep asking me for podcasts I like to listen to. Here are the six podcasts I keep up with: Marketplace, This American Life, TED Talks, Slate’s Audio Book Club, 60 Minutes, and (sigh) Pardon the Interruption. The latter two are television programs that I actually find much more compelling in audio-only form. I occasionally listen to several others, often listening to three or four episodes of them at once, but those are the six I subscribe to and listen to immediately when I see a new episode pop up.

Here are some articles of interest to whet your whistle.

101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers and Freelancers This was a very useful list for me as I began preparing my taxes. As a blogger/freelancer, every legitimate deduction that I can find is directly equal to money in my pocket. (@ wise bread)

Five Strategies for Surviving a Tough Boss This article’s for you, Bill. A reader named Bill wrote me with tales of his nightmarish boss and asked how he could handle it, since he was considering quitting. I was ruminating on a post (and doing some research on it) when this article popped up that answered things very well. (@ zen habits)

Got Any Money Savings Tips For Us? I love it when a popular blog just opens up the comments for people to submit great money saving tips. Here’s a Chicago-centric one that I really enjoyed. (@ gaper’s block)

The Dangers of Personal Branding I’ve experienced this to a degree. Whenever I’m interviewed, people seem to assume that I must be “Captain Cheap,” a suggestion that long-time readers will find rather comical. (@ freelance switch)

Personal Finance Software Survey Lots of people swear by Microsoft Money and Quicken, but I find Excel/OpenOffice to be the right solution for me. (@ frugal dad)

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11 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Podcast Edition

  1. You might want to try listening to Clark Howard’s podcast. He is a syndicated radio consumer advocate. It gets a bit repetitive but I always learn something. I look forward to hearing yours.

  2. Looking forward to the podcasts, Trent. That seems to be where blog content is headed, though I still prefer blogs that publish both written summaries with a podcast here and there. I might just have to dabble in this myself – I was born with a face for radio, so video is out!

    And thanks for including my article in the roundup!

  3. I agree with all the other responses about PTI, I really enjoy listening to it at work.
    Also check out the BS Report from ESPN as well. A little long winded by excellent if you have the time.

  4. You ARE going to have the podcasts available in print for those of us who can’t hear them, aren’t you?

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