The Simple Dollar’s Favorite Charity: The Child Abuse Prevention Center

No Credit Needed requested that the personal finance blogging community create posts about their favorite charities. As Thanksgiving draws near and Christmas approaches, there’s no time better than now to talk about my favorite charity, the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

The Child Abuse Prevention Center of Dallas County, Texas works tirelessly and effectively to help stop the cycle of child abuse in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This is done through a number of distinct programs that seek to solve the challenge of child abuse.

The most powerful program is the Parent Aide Program, which directly assigns volunteers to individual families seeking to solve abusive situations. From the website:

When a family is referred to the CAP Center, a Case Manager meets with the family to determine their interest and eligibility for the program. After a thorough assessment, that same Case Manager then determines if the family is appropriate to match with a volunteer. If the family is appropriate, the Case Manager accompanies the assigned volunteer Parent Aide on an introductory visit. The professionaly trained Case Manager supports the Parent Aide with specific recommenations for the family along with ongoing supervision through weekly conversations.

As I have family in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I am aware of the good work that the Child Abuse Prevention Center does in the area for protecting children. Children are society’s most valuable asset, and this group works hard to ensure that this asset is not abused.

If you’re wondering about how they spend their money, particularly as compared to similar charities, Charity Navigator awards the Child Abuse Prevention Center a four star rating (their highest). Charity Navigator is an independent assessor of charities and it can be quite harsh on any charity that does not meet specific guidelines.

If you have questions about the charity, the director, Margaret Patterson, makes herself easily available by email or by phone. She does not earn the executive level salary that the heads of some charities assign themselves; she barely makes more than I do and her job is tremendously more challenging than mine.

I cannot stress how truly impressed I am by the good work done by the Child Abuse Prevention Center and the fiscal discipline that they employ to make sure that donations actually go to help children in abusive situations.

If you’re considering a charitable donation this holiday season, please consider dropping some money towards the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

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