The Things You Deserve for Your Hard Work

Many of us work quite hard at our jobs.

We put in a lot of hours. Those hours are often very mentally taxing and often physically taxing, too. We come home almost every day quite weary, only to face the demands of domestic life on top of that.

For all of this, we make money. Most of us earn a paycheck. Some of us earn returns from our businesses.

It’s often tempting, after all of this, to use that money for the perks we feel that we deserve for our hard work.

A nice house. A shiny car. A cool gadget in your pocket. A big screen television. A great vacation. Nice clothes for yourself and your family.

We deserve it, right?

I used to think that way, until I realized I deserved other things even more.

I deserve not having to stress out about bills. I deserve not having to be afraid to check the mail. I deserve a net worth that’s going up every month. I deserve knowing that I’m heading towards a pretty secure retirement at a reasonably young age.

I deserve them. I think you deserve them, too.

The thing is, you won’t get those things that you truly deserve if you spend your money on a shiny car or a never-ending string of cool gadgets or big screen televisions for every room in your home. You won’t get there if you eat out for lunch every day and you wear fancy clothes and you dress your children to the nines.

You’ll have a bunch of shiny stuff, but underneath it all, you’ll have stress and worry and a sense that you will never be able to retire and a sinking feeling in your gut that you have to keep working every possible hour you can to keep this ball rolling forward.

You can keep it looking shiny on the outside, but it’s burning you up from within. It’s not worth it.

I’ll take a stress-free smile today over a pile of nice clothes and another big screen television and a new car. The clothes will become threadbare, the car will get rusty, and the television will blow its tube, but the smile that comes from low stress? It never goes away.

That’s what you deserve. That’s what I deserve.

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