Using Google Maps To Get Free Phone Calls

I recently discovered a fantastic new feature in Google Maps that can actually save me a lot of money. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say hypothetically that I’m sitting at work in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area and I want to pick up a delicious pizza from Papa Murphy’s on my way home from work. Unfortunately, though, I can’t call out from work to non-business numbers, though I can receive phone calls. Ah-ha! I go to Google Maps, type in “Papa Murphys West Des Moines IA and see the following:

Google Maps to Papa Murphys

See the “call” link I have circled in red? If you click that link, you’ll be asked to enter your telephone number. As soon as you click submit, your telephone will ring. Pick it up, wait a few seconds, and you’re connected for free to the business. No charges to you at all, and no outgoing call charges. This is spectacularly useful if you have any sort of long distance charges or if you have outgoing call charges on your telephone, whether it be a land line or a cellular phone.

In general, this technique seems to work for most businesses – I have used it to call dozens of businesses in the last several months and I can only recall one that was not listed using this service. It has been very useful for making restaurant reservations, calling businesses to check on their hours, and so forth. It’s a great way to utilize whatever phone is handy to make calls without eating away at my cell phone minutes and without being dinged for outgoing call charges.

What’s the drawback? So far, I haven’t found a drawback – it’s not always useful, but quite often it can save me some cash.

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  1. AmishSteve says:

    How much did you get from Papa Murphy’s for the mention?;)
    Great tip, thanks!

  2. DimeTimeSter says:

    I knew this for a long time but never tried this (I did not need to make such calls!). But it’s nice though that you mentioned it here.

    I am not sure whether my ‘day-time’ minutes will be used if I use my cell phone during a workday. Did you try using your cell phone to make those call during workdays?

  3. Ryan says:

    Check out google’s free 411 service too.

    Go to for more information.

    This won’t help you at your work, but could be useful for cellphone use.

  4. Stephen says:

    Now the question should be, how long before someone gets this to work for residential calls?

  5. MossySF says:

    Hehe, don’t want to give people any ideas but this service can be used for pranks also. :)

    And yes, you can use this for free residental calls. Just list yourself as a business on Google and people can then call you.

  6. Mikhela says:

    pranks? what are you, twelve?

  7. DanB says:

    Nice trick…especially MossySF’s comment about listing yourself.

  8. Jonatan says:

    Good stuff, happy Easter!

  9. Stephen says:

    Yeah but listing yourself on Google as a business is not a five minute process. There is some work involved and it does take a while to get your business on there.

  10. Glenn says:

    I would be careful using this, to the person who said prank calls… thats first of all a asshole thing to do second if you do it to many times someone might file a harassment case against you (phone companys records would indicate who linked the calls in this case being a google service) and googles ip logs would be available from which they contact your ip same thing they do to track torrent users basicly

  11. J Johnson says:

    Is this service still available? I was looking for it and it does not appear to be there now.


  12. J.C. says:

    If it does not appear then it is not available.


  13. JK says:

    This is exactly what Google Voice does. Get a Google number and call anyone (business or residential) for free. Type in the number you want to call on Google voice page and type in your number; Google voice will connect you for free.

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