The AT&T/Verizon Duopoly (Infographic)

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My name is Nicole and I’m a new guest contributor to The Simple Dollar. I’m excited to begin providing an additional resource for the blog’s readers with a fun and informative weekly consumer-related infographic. I’m eager for feedback on this and future posts, so please let me know what you think in the comments.

Our first infographic provides an overview of the AT&T and Verizon’s 64% control the U.S. cellular market. The graphic provides one of many ways to consider the possible effects of concentrated market share on consumers.

There are several perspectives on the question of the utility and efficiency of concentrating the ownership of the U.S. cellular spectrum between just a few companies. One perspective that’s interesting to note is the point of view from Washington. Just last year, the Dept. of Justice blocked AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile noting the deal would result in diminished competition. And now, the D.O.J. is reviewing Verizon’s proposal to acquire $3.6 billion in additional spectrum from cable companies that would increase their control of and capacity for U.S. smartphone data traffic.

Ultimately, U.S. data traffic in the foreseeable future is set to multiply several times over each year. Only time will tell what spectrum ownership structure will best suit the standards, interests and aims of providers, subscribers and regulatory agencies.


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Verizon vs. AT&T Infographic

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66 thoughts on “The AT&T/Verizon Duopoly (Infographic)

  1. horribly written.
    I am not sure what you are requesting I comment on:
    What I think of a weekly infographic?
    AT&T/Verizon 64% market?
    Washington’s perspective?
    Data Traffic/ Cost.
    This article is all over the place…and drops you in the middle of nowhere with very little information.

  2. I do appreciate that the infographics are well-designed and cite their soures, but it is SEO link bait.

  3. Yeah, this infographic thing has been popular in a lot of places lately. Personally I think they’re dull, unoriginal, and generally have some questionable sources.

  4. I do appreciate that the infographics are well-designed and cite their sources, but it is SEO link bait.

  5. I love this! It’s new information to me and I thought it was presented in a really interesting way. The Simple Dollar was starting to get a bit boring to me, and this post has made me decide to continue subscribing. Thanks!

  6. Whoops, sorry for the duplicate comment!

    The strategy appears to be: get a lot of links, then top-load the post with spammy coupon info later. Search frugal dad amazon.

  7. “My name is Nicole…”–suitable for a restaurant server or a flight attendant, not a serious contributor to a PF website.

  8. Andrew, I don’t even get what you’re trying to say. Are you trying to say she should be male, or are you trying to say that her career choices should be limited by the perfectly normal name her parents gave her, or what? I don’t see a way for this to end and still reflect well on you.

  9. @Misha, I think he’s saying (and I agree) that just saying “My name is Nicole” is not a sufficient introduction – not that her name is itself an issue.

  10. What are your interests and qualifications?..
    Personally I wouldn’t mind a little background information on a stranger that appears on a long running blog for the first time ever..with a post that is completely off key of the original blog author . Not too much to ask.

  11. I agree with DOT – I don’t think full name/resume needs to happen, but some introduction on how/when/why she got into PF (if she is) and/or blogging would be appropriate.

  12. Ugh… moderation.
    I had a thoughtful comment on why this infographic isn’t great, but whatever.

    I used to read this site twice a day every day… now I check it maybe once a week.

    The good news is that I know where to come if I ever need COUPONS!

  13. FRUGAL PHONE TIP = use Virgin Mobile

    $26.50/month (25+taxes) for unlimited data, unlimited texts, unlimited voice (w/ a little extra work using Google Voice or other VOIP options). This has saved me about $950/year from AT&T.

  14. Moderation. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have really struggled to provide constructive criticism on this post – as is rightly requested. Unfortunately, while Trent asks us to respect the site and the other commenters and provide an environment in which we all flourish, this post utterly undermines the respect with which we treat this site and the content posted to date.
    I’d love an explanation as to why this has been allowed to be posted – and what value it adds to the readership.

  16. I stopped reading Frugal Dad because I hated the infographics. Please let this one be the last or I will stop reading Simple Dollar as well.

  17. Infographic was interesting, but kinda comes out of nowhere. How is this supposed to help us? A better intro to why this shift would be appreciated.

  18. Not sure one post amounts to a wrong direction, or a reason to leave in a huff.

    Still, this sort of post is not what we come here for.

  19. Really did not see the point to this article. I read TSD for Trent’s insight and will stop if it starts having random and senseless guest posts like this.

  20. Freedom @ #44 – It’s not just this one post. It’s the culmination of a number of things that are pointing to a wrong direction, and this post is the final straw for some after months of lazy posts, bad information, and moderation that alterates between draonian and non-existent.

  21. So when this was Trent’s show to run comments appeared instantly, now, the message “Your comment is awaiting moderation. Please be patient; it may take a few hours for your comment to be approved. This is merely to ensure that no material offensive to a general audience appears on The Simple Dollar” appeared when I hit “submit”. This tells me everything I need to know. The name of this blog should be changed to “Cut Media’s Simple Dollar”.

  22. While I appreciate that -opolies are bad and in the long term hike prices up, a lesson on long term global economics isn’t what I’m looking for when I come to this site.

  23. Okay, maybe the infographic helps SEO. So what, as long as the content is useful or interesting and appropriate to the site. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The question becomes “is the content useful and interesting.” Info on what drives costs up seems appropriate for a site focused on frugality and cutting costs. It helps me choose my mobile provider and consider whether to make a change. Whenever there is guest content, though, an intro from the owner of the blog should explain the relevance and offer his take on the subject. That would maintain the personal touch.

  24. I think the infographic represents an interesting change of pace for the site, especially since longtime readers are so familiar with Trent’s voice.
    I usually just read the blog through email subscription but I felt compelled to post after visiting the site today.
    I only hope that Trent recognizes that the negative commenters don’t represent me or the majority of readers. Unfortunately, being negative and critical to no point appears to be the way in a lot of comments’ sections.

  25. Fine. I’ll bite.

    To me, the point of an info graphic is to skillfully depict information in a way that words cannot. To me, this is not an infographic. It’s an essay illustrated with stars, colored boxes, and drawings.

  26. Infographic completely buries the lead – there’s nearly 200 cellphone companies out there competing for your business!

    As a customer of one of the (larger) 180+ companies, I can say that generally the Customer Service side leaves a lot to be desired, but the cell phone works just as well has anyone elses.

    Oh, and the technology means that calls/data/text run off the Sprint network for about half the price of a Sprint phone. Government market manipulation will not solve anything remotely close to what the author’s goal is – scariest phrase in the English language: ‘I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.’

  27. Hey Nicole … Nice comparison. Hope you don’t find the comments too harsh. Because, you haven’t seen harsh yet. Post another article for harsh comments.

  28. “My name is Nicole” is a stupid introduction for a new blogger on a PF Site. List your credentials. What makes you worthy of TSD?

  29. Nicole, if this is the sort of stuff you will be posting, I will be skipping all of your posts. Nothing against you, I’m just not into the infographics.

  30. #65 Steve – Don’t feel bad, mine’s been there for three and a half days. No flaming, no profanity, just a Simple Goodbye. Perhaps I’ll just send an email straight to Trent instead. Unless of course, Nicole is handling his mail.

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