What Money Can’t Buy

Early this morning, I was thinking about Julia, the first girl that I ever had any interest in whatsoever. I have a lot of faded memories of sitting in the park with her on the swings, talking about everything and nothing, and of hiking through the woods. I only got to know Julia for a few months; she died of leukemia when she was twelve and when I met her she was already sick.

I cherish those memories of Julia because they were these isolated moments in time, a point where I was beginning to leave the beaches of childhood and wade into the waters of adulthood. I can still picture her the last time I saw her, walking really slowly through the park towards her home.

There is no price I would not pay in order to give Julie the chance to grow into adulthood. I would love to see her now with a husband and a child or two, doing whatever her heart desired. But it was not to be, and all that I have of this wonderful person are a few faded memories.

Money can’t buy back time. Every night, when your head hits the pillow, you’ve just spent another day of your life. Did you tell your wife that you love her? Did you hug your child? Did you go for a bike ride through the park just to feel the wind in your hair? So often we skip these things in the pursuit of money, but years later, it is not the chase for money that we remember.

Money can’t buy happiness. If you woke up in the morning and found that your parents had passed away, would you feel any regrets? Is there any amount of money that would replace those regrets? What about your husband or your wife or your child?

Money is not the goal of life. Money is only a tool to help us live our lives, to enable us to find room for the things that money can’t buy.

Sometime today, tell someone important to you that you love them. That one moment that it takes to tell someone how you really feel about them is more valuable than anything else you could be doing in that moment.

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