Where Is Your Future Pointing?

Where are you going to be in five years? What will that life look like, assuming you don’t do anything radically different than you’re doing now?

Just think about that for a moment. Sketch out what your life will look like at that point. Where will you live? What will your family look like? What will your career look like? What about your financial situation?

Hold onto that picture for a moment.

Now, think about what your life would look like in five years if you worked hard to improve the aspects of your life that are dragging you down. Think about three to five things that are the biggest challenges in your life – your personal health or physical shape, your debt load, your career situation, your personal relationships, and so on – and imagine what would happen to your life over the next five years if you just knocked those things out of the park as hard as you can.

What would your physical condition be like if you adopted, say, a paleo diet and went to the gym five times a week?

What would your career be like if you stopped wasting time at work and focused intensely on making each and every project a home run?

What would your financial state be like if you cut back hard on your excess spending and dove into frugal tactics?

What would your social situation be like if you devoted time and effort into building relationships and standing in your community?

What would that life be like?

All of the actions needed to create that change are well within your grasp. Every single aspect of them is a personal choice. You are the one that gets to decide. Which direction is your future headed in?

I have a series of short statements that describe what I want my life to look like in five years. It sits on my desk. I look at it several times a day and it reminds me of the choices I need to make. Every. Single. Day.

I want that better future, but I realize that if I don’t make the right choices today, I won’t have that future.

Where is your future pointing? What are you going to do today to tilt that arrow upwards?

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