Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. How to Win Friends and Influence People had a tremendous positive impact


The Only Personal Finance Sites I Visit Every Day

I hear quite often from readers that they check The Simple Dollar faithfully each day, and recently one of them asked whether I read any


The Laundry Detergent Battle: Costco Versus My Homebrew Formula – What’s Really Frugal?

In response to my post about making your own liquid laundry detergent at home, several people commented that they buy it in huge quantities at


The Present Versus The Future

Not long ago, I was thinking about the financial lessons that some of my friends learned during their formative years from their parents. One close


How To Read Personal Finance Books Without Getting Bored

As my regular readers know, I review in great detail two books a week, one personal finance book and one personal development book. In those


Student Loan Debt: The Philosophy Of Debt

A reader wrote to me recently stating that she had about $40,000 in student loan debt at 4% (she locked in in late 2002 when


Review: Die Broke

Die Broke caused a pretty big splash when it was first printed several years ago, mostly because it turned conventional wisdom on its ear so


Insights Into Life Insurance From An Actuary

One of my closest friends in the world completed a Ph.D. in mathematics recently and became an actuary for a very large life insurance company.


Inheritance Feuds: A Cautionary Tale

I received a very sad story from a friend of mine, who I’ll call Roger, that I felt was worth sharing as a cautionary tale:


The Morning Money Routine

About once every three months since I was eight, I would spend a day keeping a detailed chronology of all of the stuff I did


Eight Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For me, Father’s Day has always been much easier to understand than Mother’s Day, perhaps because I saw my father as a role model growing


Financial Preparations For A Second Child

Shortly after our big move (which is coming in a little over a month), we are expecting our second child, meaning our two children will


Questions to Discuss With Your Spouse-to-Be

I adore my wife – she’s a wonderful woman and a wonderful mother. We go together like two peas in a pod on most things,


Taking Advantage of Your Generation

I subscribe to an email list of high school and college acquaintances. It’s mostly a discussion list of about fifty people my own age, and


Can You Devote Fifteen Minutes A Day To Frugality?

Over the last few months, I noticed that on an average day, I spend somewhere around forty minutes engaged in some sort of activity intended


Sorry, Virginia, There Will Be No Book

After reading the frank discussion yesterday about publishing a book based on this site, I have decided not to invest the effort in writing a


How To Budget Smart For Personal Finance Success

One of my closest friends (let’s call him Kevin) is obsessed with individual stock picking. He bragged to me quite loudly recently that his portfolio