Using A Moving Average In Budgeting

My wife and I use a simple mathematical construct called a moving average in order to help us budget and estimate upcoming bills. What’s a


Review: Ready For Anything

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Getting Things Done was a true watershed in personal productivity books –


Gauging Interest In A “Simple Dollar” Book: What Do You Want To See?

As many of you know, I created a book proposal about two months ago and have been trying to shop it around to book publishers.


Eat Well Without Spending A Fortune

Recently, Dave left the following comment in response to my discussion of an ultra-frugal May: I’m really curious about your meals; I easily spend $400


Should I Prepay On My Home Loan Or Put It Into Savings?

I had a lengthy and interesting discussion with my wife this morning about the interest rate on our home loan. We are locked in at


Ultra-Frugal? Still Need A 401(k) Or A Roth IRA?

An ultra-frugal reader writes in with an interesting question – why even bother with a 401(k)? My husband and I have been living on about


Six Things To Do When Shopping For Cell Phones And Service

In addition to our move, we’re about to switch cell phone services from a regional provider to Verizon, primarily because of signal availability in the


May 2007 Review – Net Worth +12.1%, Assets +6.2%, Debts +0.8%

It’s time for that monthly financial review again, where I make sure I’m keeping up with my short-term financial goals. I generally break things down


Review: The Soul of Money

When I showed my sister-in-law The Simple Dollar, her first comment was, “You talk a lot on here about ways to make and save money.