An Inheritance of Collectibles

Not too long ago, a friend of mine inherited a collection of thimbles from his grandmother. Aside from one that he wished to save for


Review: Common Sense on Mutual Funds

Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. Over the last couple of years, I’ve become quite familiar with John Bogle’s investing philosophy


Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on the Back of Five Business Cards

A few days ago, I had lunch with an individual who is considering hiring me to give a multi-hour seminar to a business convention on


Simple Frugality By The Hourly Rate

Quite often on The Simple Dollar, I’ll suggest some specific frugal idea, like rewashing a Ziploc bag, and inevitably someone will complain that I’m a


How To Deal With Demand Overload

Most of the time, I’m a pretty organized person who keeps up with the tasks thrown at me every day. Sometimes, though. the flood of


The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: New Thing Edition

It was interesting constructing this first weekly roundup. I basically kept reading my favorite blogs and saving the articles I liked the most from all


Setting My Own Personal Finance Goals

On an earlier post about losing financial focus, Erick left the following comment: You mention that you are making progress to your goals but still


The Simple Dollar’s Christmas Charity Drive 2007: L’Arche Tahoma Hope

Each year at Christmastime, I identify a particular charity that fills an important need in a community. I usually choose one that I have a


Six Ways to Fight Back When You Lose Financial Focus

Once every couple months, I go through a period for about a week or so where I really wonder why I’m keeping my financial house


Review: On Writing

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Many of you might be quite surprised that I would review a


How Checklists Help Me With My Personal Finance – And How I Trick Myself Into Making Them Work

Regular readers of this website have seen that the idea of lists in various forms comes up over and over again. I make “lists” of


The Tug of War Between Frugality, Hobbies, and an Emergency Fund

Quite often, I admire my cousin and his wife for some of the frugal things they choose to do in their lives. They buy late


Twelve Important Things To Talk About When Your Relationship Gets Serious

One thing that I feel I did very right earlier in my life was building a strong, communication-based relationship with my wife in the years


Review: Automatic Wealth

Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. A while back, I read and gave a rather positive review to Michael Masterson’s Automatic


Should You Help People Who Won’t Help Themselves?

When I was young, I was very, very close to a particular relative of mine. He was about ten years older than I was, yet


A Thanksgiving Tradition

One of my closest friends has a family tradition that I quite like, and I’ve been slowly trying to implement in my own family. Basically,


The Expenses of a Soda Pop Addiction – And How to Defeat It

My wife and I have both been addicted to soda for many years. On an average day, I would drink six cans of soda and


Seven Quick Tips To Make Your Thanksigiving Dinner Cheaper, Tastier, and Faster

Many of you are sitting there browsing The Simple Dollar but thinking about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner and wondering how you can make it even better.