The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Baby Food Edition

One of the big projects that I plan on tackling in the next few weeks is making individual baby food containers for my daughter by


10 Ways To Earn Additional Income From Your Passion

Most people have a thing or two in their lives that they’re deeply passionate about. Perhaps it’s volunteer work or local politics, or maybe it’s


The Why and How of a Household Inventory

One personal finance project that a lot of people overlook is the household inventory. It’s one of those “once in a great while” tasks that’s


Chipping Away at the Paycheck to Paycheck Routine

Yesterday, a reader that I’ll call Susie contacted me with a long story about her family’s financial situation. Here’s an excerpt from near the end


Reader Mailbag #1

After the unprecedented success of my open question thread, I’ve decided to start a weekly “reader mailbag” to handle a lot of the simpler questions


Review: Cut to the Chase

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Cut to the Chase was recommended to me by a friend of


Financial Recovery Toolkit: 10 Tools I Used

A few days ago, I wrote about the details of my financial turnaround, going from a big mountain of credit card debt to enough financial


Loss Aversion and Motivation: Using Your Natural Instincts To Get Ahead

Yesterday on my way to work, I was tuned into NPR’s Morning Edition and I overheard a story about two researchers using our natural instinct


How I Turned That Ship Around

In April 2006, I came very close to a complete financial meltdown. I had five figures worth of credit card debt, a pile of bills,


Review: Start Late, Finish Rich

Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. As I’ve written before about David Bach’s books, you really only need to read one


How Do I Spend My Time?

Perhaps the most frequent question I’m asked is how on earth do I find the time to do all of the stuff that I do


Stock Market Is Down… Another Way To Think About It

On December 31, 2007, the S&P 500 closed at 1,468.36. Just two months later, on February 29, 2008, the S&P 500 closed at 1,330.63. That’s


The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Crunch Edition

As I enter the final home stretch for my job, I’m incredibly busy preparing stuff for my replacement and getting all sorts of things finished


“Freeganism” and the Limits of Frugality

Last week, while traveling for work, I had an opportunity during a schedule break to catch an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, where she


Planning a Kitchen Garden

For the first time in my adult life, I have adequate space for a real kitchen garden. We’ve got two boxed gardens in the back


Financial Planning for Self-Employment: What’s Different?

As I move away from the standard paycheck-based income and into a self-employment status, I’ve begun to think seriously about how I need to plan


Learning the Right Lessons from Your Mistakes

All of us regularly make mistakes in our lives – choices that seem like the right ones at the time, but later turn out to


Review: Simple Prosperity

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal development or personal productivity book. About two years ago, I went through a huge lengthy “green” streak,