A Great Weekend

My three year old son loves to cuddle with me first thing in the morning. He’ll climb into bed, find a warm spot next to me, and then lay there for a while. He’ll whisper things in my ear and squirm around, but he mostly lays still and sometimes dozes a little bit.

I’ll see Sarah brushing her hair while looking in the mirror, so I’ll sneak up behind her and put my arms around her for a moment. She looks at me in the mirror and smiles.

My daughter is in the basement practicing her musical skills on our old keyboard. I can hear her struggling to make chords and then, sometimes, succeeding. Even if she’s playing something melancholy, her beginner’s style and enthusiasm makes it seem brighter and happier.

I’ll curl up on the couch with a library book and get lost in a new idea or a story. Reading works like yawning in our house; within fifteen minutes or so, everyone else will be in the room with a book in their hands.

We’ll turn on an old radio and listen to a mid-day concert being played on the local NPR station, with the strains of the music filling the house.

Someone will find a little home project to take care of, like caulking a window. One of the children usually helps, making the project take a little longer but turning it into a learning and bonding experience.

My oldest son takes advantage of even the slightest improvement in the weather. As soon as he sees bare grass, he’s lacing his shoes and heading outside to run around or ride his bicycle.

A friend might stop by. We’ll sit around the table catching up on things and perhaps play a game together.

Several of us will go down in the basement and go through a basic yoga and stretching routine. I’ll show off my complete lack of balance and everyone will get a good laugh.

I’ll spend half an hour chopping vegetables for our evening meal. I’ll start heating a skillet and then I’ll toss in a handful of onions and garlic and the house will begin to smell wonderful.

We’ll cover the kitchen table with a board game, with everyone rolling dice and laughing at the twists and turns of the game.

At the end of the day, I’ll cover myself up with an old blanket and drift off to sleep.

This is a wonderful weekend day in my eyes. It’s exactly what I hope today will be like. It’s similar what I hope every weekend day will be like. The money involved in a day like this is almost nonexistent, but it’s deeply fulfilling regardless of the money.

If you’re able to have deeply fulfilling days without opening the wallet, why open the wallet?

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