The Simple Dollar sells advertising space directly to partner sites whose products and values are in line with the positive personal finance messages of The Simple Dollar. Thus, I do not accept ads for subprime loans, for example. I also do not sell any content space – don’t even ask for paid posts. The answer is no.

If you would like to inquire about advertising, contact me with a description of your product, the ad size you’re interested in, and the timeframe you’d like to have the ad displayed in.

The Simple Dollar is the top independent personal finance blog on the internet by several metrics, including Technorati rank. It was voted the top money/business blog on the internet for 2007 and has been featured regularly in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and countless other print media sources.

Traffic Info (as of October 28, 2008)
650K visitors, 1.15 million page views in an average month
Technorati ranking: 559
42,000 feed readers (and growing rapidly)
Ranked 7,125 among all websites by QuantCast

Average reader age: 40 (with significant age diversity)
Average household income: > $50K
80% college educated
27% parents
More specific demographic data available.

Ad Sizes Available
The Simple Dollar does not sell text link ads. We sell only image ads and flash ads of the sizes described below.

300×250 rectangle premium ad This ad fills the space in the upper right corner of the site, the only “above the fold” ad sold on The Simple Dollar. This ad space costs $3.80 CPM.

300×250 rectangle ad below fold This ad is a 300×250 ad somewhere on the sidebar of The Simple Dollar. This ad space costs $2.80 CPM.

125×125 square ad below fold This ad is a 125×125 ad somewhere on the sidebar of The Simple Dollar. This ad space costs $1.40 CPM.

Other ad sizes I am open to other ad sizes as well. Please contact me with what you’re interested in.

Long ad runs If you are interested in a multiple-month run, we can discuss a 5 to 10% discount in the ad rate. Please contact me for specifics.

Payment Payment must be received in advance. The exact amounts will be based on the previous thirty days of access to The Simple Dollar as measured by Google Analytics, which I will provide access to if you wish to see them. For example, if you wished to purchase an advertisement for three weeks, I would use the statistics of the previous thirty days, divide those stats by thirty to get the accesses of an average day, multiply that by twenty one days, and charge you based upon that rate.