An Announcement about the Future of The Simple Dollar

Over the past few days, I entered into an agreement to join forces with Cut Media to ensure the long-term future of The Simple Dollar.

What Does This Mean For Readers?
To me, this is the most important question to be asked about this arrangement.

I have signed a long-term agreement with Cut Media with regards to this site. For at minimum the next three years, I will continue writing posts pretty much exactly as I always have. They will appear twice daily (except for holidays), just like they have for the past few years. In terms of content, virtually nothing will change.

Over the next few months, there will be some secondary changes. At some point in the near future, the site will be moved to a different server, which may cause a bit of downtime and might cause a short-term delay in posting. After that, there will likely be a moderate redesign of the website. Aside from that, things should continue pretty much as they always have.

Why Make This Move?
Simply put, at this point, The Simple Dollar is too big for one person to run. There are too many different things going on that need my attention at the same time.

Most people, when they see the site, think first and foremost about the content. That obviously takes time, of course.

What you don’t see is the other things that eat an incredible amount of time and focus.

I read mountains of reader emails.
I deal with thousands of comments.
I have to keep the software that runs The Simple Dollar updated.
I have to regularly tweak the site design, often in really subtle ways.
I have to negotiate and communicate with advertisers.
I have to make sure that the site is up and running and figure out how to fix it when it’s not – and this often requires me to watch The Simple Dollar when I’m on vacation with my family or enjoying a holiday with them.
I’ve also attempted to hire and train assistants to help with this stuff – but none of them have ever worked out and some have actually caused additional problems.

The part about The Simple Dollar I enjoy the most is the writing. I also enjoy contact with readers. Everything else is simply time-consuming gruntwork that I don’t enjoy that takes away time from my family and from things I’d rather be doing (like working on other writing endeavors, such as my long-lamented fantasy novel).

Something had to give, and the end result was my arrangement with Cut Media. They have a large team in place to handle these things.

They will be taking care of the comments, the software that runs The Simple Dollar, the site design, the advertising arrangements, the site’s server(s), and making sure the site is up and running.

Essentially, I’m left with just the pieces that I really enjoy – and I’m being compensated for letting them take on the stuff I don’t want to do.

This is going to be the first Christmas in many years where I’m not stopping several times a day to make sure the site is up. That is an unbelievable relief to me.

What’s Next?
Aside from continuing to write for The Simple Dollar, I’m planning on focusing in 2012 on other projects, which I’ll talk about closer to the new year.

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