Car pulled over, policeman giving a ticket

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket Going to Cost You?

Before we pass our road test and receive a freshly minted driver’s license, we learn that moving violations and speeding tickets can be costly. Most of us


Cash Value and Life Insurance: How to Pull Money Out of Your Policy

Compare Life Insurance by Visiting Our Life Insurance Resource Center. While term life insurance doesn’t build cash value, other types of life insurance work differently.

filing out tax form

Can the Saver’s Credit Save You Money on Your Taxes?

Low- and moderate-income earners can get a double tax break on some retirement contributions. Photo: AgriLife Today For many people, two of the most frightening words

Marines arrive in Afghanistan

Tax Benefits for Members of the Military

Military personnel deployed in combat zones are eligible for a number of tax benefits. Photo: DVIDSHUB Under normal circumstances, preparing all but the simplest tax returns can


Is Your ‘Business’ Just a Hobby?

Just because you make some money off it doesn’t mean your hobby is a business — at least, not according to the IRS. Photo: fasteddy760 There’s

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To Itemize or Not to Itemize? That Is the Question

Got receipts? You’ll need them if you want to itemize your tax deductions. But only do so if you can write off more than the

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Don’t Forget to Deduct…

You can deduct moving expenses if you relocate more than 50 miles for your first job. Photo: Kai Schreiber The tax-preparation chain H&R Block is

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Five Tax Breaks for Parents

Chances are, your kid can help with your taxes: The deductions and credits available to parents can really add up. There’s a lot to be

IRS building

Your Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The majority of taxpayers have long held the belief that they have no rights before the IRS, according to IRS National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson.

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10 Controversial Investing Strategies

On television and in movies, investing in the stock market is often portrayed as a two-dimensional process where success is simply a matter of buying

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Tax Prep Checklist

Make sure you gather the right documents before diving into your taxes. Photo: C X 2 Even the most knowledgeable tax professional can’t complete your

Tax prep and customer

Going Pro: How to Choose a Tax Preparer

Even if you pay someone to prepare your taxes, you’re still responsible for any mistakes and potential penalties. Photo: H&R Block More than 50% of

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Health Care for Buster: All About Pet Insurance

Veterinary care has gotten more sophisticated — and more expensive. But pet insurance can ensure you don’t have to choose between your pet’s well being and


It’s Never Too Soon to Protect Your Child’s Credit

Would you know if someone opened a credit card in your six-year-old’s name? Photo: allthecolor/reynermedia Legendary bank robber Willie Sutton is often quoted as saying

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It’s Insurance, It’s an Investment: It’s Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is a hybrid product that offers tax benefits. But it carries some added risk. Photo: David Hilowitz The subject of variable life insurance brings to mind

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Understanding Income Tax Brackets

There’s a good reason so many people seek professional help with preparing their income taxes. It’s because the tax is complicated, and at the heart of

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Top Tax Scams to Watch Out for in 2017

If you’re paying someone to prepare your tax return, make sure they’re legitimate. Photo: 401(k) Every year, Americans lose untold billions of dollars to a

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Debt Forgiveness and Taxes

The IRS considers some forgiven debts as taxable income — and that’s not what you want to hear when you’re at financial rock-bottom. Photo: Jeff Turner