woman thinking - how to raise your credit score

How to Raise Your Credit Score

Boosting your credit score might seem like an impossible feat, but it’s not that hard to accomplish if you understand how credit works. Some easy

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How to Deal with a Debt Collector: Your Consumer Rights

The effects of the Great Recession still linger in certain parts of the country, and in specific industries. But even before the financial crisis of


What is My Credit Score?

By now, it’s clear that our modern lives are being monitored. Because most purchases we make are tracked electronically, businesses are able to monitor where


Credit Counseling Guide to Debt Management

You may feel like giving up. Suffocating under a mountain of debt can make you feel helpless. Perhaps you’ve even been considering bankruptcy.  The jury


Credit Card Processing Explained and Mobile Readers Reviewed

Jim McKelvey was a glass artist, creating exquisite hand-blown glass bowls and spiraling faucets. About five years ago, a visitor to Jim’s St. Louis studio


Stoozing Made Simple: A Guide to Earning Extra Cash

You first started stoozing at work. Then your boss caught you. You thought you were going to be fired, until he said he wanted to


How to Travel for Free: The Ultimate Guide to Air Miles Rewards

There’s just no better feeling than slipping into that airline seat, heading out on a wonderful vacation and knowing all the while that you’re flying

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Credit Union vs. Bank: Understanding What Works for You

From the street, credit unions look just like banks: rows of teller windows, convenient drive-thru lanes, and attractive lobbies. But hidden within those walls are


How Do Credit Cards Really Work: Debunking the Myths

Credit cards account for 20% of grievances (second only to mortgages) filed with The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency committed to consumer financial