Student taking notes - college student tax credits lifetime learning credit

Tax Guide for College Students

Attending college is one of the biggest steps toward adulthood. Going to class, keeping up with homework, studying, holding down a job, and trying to

college scholarship scams

How to Avoid Scholarship Scams

Nearly everyone entering college is aware of the abundance of graduates dealing with student loan debt. After all, the average student loan debt surged over

Writing a check from checking account - balance transfer checks

Student Guide to Checking Accounts

There’s more to a checking account than just writing checks. Photo: Rikkis Refuge Other If you’re in college, the idea of maintaining a checking account

woman knitting, man walking dogs, car with lyft mustache

20+ Ways to Make Extra Money to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Want to earn some extra income to pay down those student loans? Selling handmade items on Etsy, walking dogs, or driving for Lyft or Uber are

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Should You Co-Sign a Loan?

Asking someone to co-sign a loan is almost as weighty as a marriage proposal. Photo: Kenji Ross “Will you co-sign a loan?” That’s almost like

Girl using facebook on computer

Tips for Landing a Job After College

Before you graduate, make sure you clean up your social media profiles — and beef up your LinkedIn presence while you’re at it. Photo: CTEP AmeriCorps Buckle

Chegg app

Best Apps to Save You Money in College

These apps can help you save money on textbooks, avoid fees, or score deals at local restaurants. Photo: Chegg via Facebook Did you hear? College is super-expensive.

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Balancing Act: Pay Down Student Loans or Save More?

Find the right balance between paying down student loans and saving for retirement. Photo: Jakub Michankow You’re finally there: You’ve graduated from college after many hard

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Take These Steps to Deal With Massive Student Loan Debt

Dealing with any student debt is challenging, but what about when the amount is simply overwhelming? Recommended Student Loan Refinancing Companies Learn More Learn More

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Struggling With Student Loans? How to Lower Your Payments

If you’re struggling to make your student loan payments, one option to explore is income-driven repayment plans. Recommended Student Loan Refinancing Companies Learn More Learn

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More Than One Kid? How to Save for College

Expecting lots of caps and gowns in your future? Here are tips on saving for more than one child’s education. Photo: Josh Granier A reader named


Is an Unpaid Internship Worth It?

Unpaid internships are more prevalent in some industries than others. But is it worth working for free? Photo: Kris Krug Unpaid internships are definitely a


Seven Volunteer Vacations for an Alternative Spring Break

Want a more fulfilling experience than binge drinking on the beach can offer? Try a volunteer vacation over spring break. Photo: Texas A&M If the idea of


Six Cheap Spring Break Destinations and How to Save

Cancun, Mexico, offers a cheap, student-centric spring break experience — but nearby Playa del Carmen (pictured) might be an even a better deal. Photo: Sean and Lauren


63 Quick Tips to Save Money in College

Investing in a coffeemaker and a travel mug can save you big bucks if you start brewing at home. Photo: Porsche Brosseau We know college is expensive, and

Students in a lecture hall

College Electives That Will Boost Your Job Prospects

You’re paying a lot of money for college. Why squander it on a blow-off class? Photo: Jirka Matousek Got some room in your schedule for


Using Upromise to Pay for College

You’re going to buy stuff anyway, and Upromise can help you put a percentage of those purchases toward college. Photo: Wilamoyo Whether you’re looking for a way to save

Free coffee at Chick-fil-A in February

February Freebies: Coffee and More

Photo: Chick-fil-A via Facebook Imagine if you could walk up to the cashier at your local McDonald’s, order a burger and fries, and, instead of pulling