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There’s more to banking than just paying bills and saving for a rainy day. Whether you’re trying to grow your savings faster, find a better way to pay friends instantly, or just teach your kids about money, we’ll help you get the most from your bank account — or find a better one.

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Do Check-Cashing Services Provide a Banking Alternative?

A couple of weeks ago, Business Insider published an amazing article by Alex Morrell...

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Mar 11, 2019
Personal Finance 101: How Does A Bank Work?

The Basics of Banking Recently, I received a lengthy email from a reader who had a ton of basic personal…

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Mar 11, 2019
What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account?

Here\'s what you need to open a bank account in person or online.

Saundra Latham
Saundra Latham
May 29, 2019

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Savings Accounts vs. CDs vs. Money Market Mutual Funds

If you’re saving money for a near-term goal — like buying a house, taking a trip, or building an emergency…

Matt Becker
Dec 26, 2018
Fed Meeting Preview: How to Take Advantage of Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) holds its last meeting of the year on December 18-19, and the general expectation…

Matt Becker
Dec 7, 2018
Beam Review: Can You Really Earn Up to 4% With This Savings Account?

The average savings account paid out a measly 0.08% in interest as of August 2018, according to the FDIC. That…

Holly Johnson
Aug 14, 2018
A Deeper Look at Savings Rate

One of the financial numbers I’ve come to value a lot lately is savings rate; in fact, savings rate was…

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Apr 19, 2018
Are CDs and Savings Accounts Becoming Viable Investments Again?

Interest rates are on the rise. The Federal Funds Rate – which sets the market for most interest rates –…

Matt Becker
May 17, 2019
ACH Transfer: How Much Does It Cost to Send Money Between Banks?

When you move money from one bank account to another, you’re doing what’s known as an automatic clearing house transfer,…

Nicholas Pell
Nov 27, 2018