The Simple Dollar Book Club: Your Money or Your Life

YMOYLA few weeks ago, I announced that a book club would be starting on The Simple Dollar and that the first book to be read would be Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin’s Your Money or Your Life.

On Monday, October 1, this book club will begin. Here’s how it will work.

First of all, you don’t have to read Your Money or Your Life to participate. You’ll likely get more out of it if you do read along, but it’s far from a requirement. Feel free to offer up your opinions and thoughts on any piece, or just read the discussions and decide for yourself if you want to start reading.

Each day, I’ll read about 10 to 15 pages from Your Money or Your Life. I’ll announce what piece I’m reading the day before so you can read the same piece if you wish.

That afternoon, I’ll post an article outlining my thoughts on the piece that I read. I’ll outline the content of that section, write some of my thoughts, come up with a few rhetorical questions from the piece, and contribute my thoughts on those as well, finishing up with an indication of what the next piece I’m going to read will be.

These are intended for discussion. Think of it as a book club that I’m hosting, where I serve tea and crumpets and talk a bit about the last piece we read, then other people jump in with their thoughts. If you think my take is wrong, tell me so – if you had a completely different take on the piece, say so. Even if you didn’t read the section yourself, don’t hesitate to jump in with your thoughts.

Looking through Your Money or Your Life, I anticipate that this will take somewhere around a month. At the end, we’ll see how it went and decide whether it is of interest to tackle another book in a few months – or write it off as an interesting experiment that didn’t work real well.

Hopefully, you’re as excited about this as I am. I’ve often wanted to talk to others about a personal finance book as I’ve read it, and Your Money or Your Life is my favorite one. It should be fun.

Ready to get started? Before Monday, read the prologue. In my version (the common American paperback version that most of you will probably have), the prologue runs from page xxiii to xxxviii in the book. This will probably be the longest section that we read during the entire club, but it’s very easy reading.

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