The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Book Review Changes Edition

After listening to feedback and my own changing interests, I’ve decided to change how I do book reviews on The Simple Dollar. Instead of reviewing a personal finance book on Friday morning and a personal development book on Sunday afternoon, I’m going to just post one review a week on Sunday afternoon, alternating between a personal finance-themed book one week and a book on some related topic the following week.

The reason I’m doing this is based mostly on feedback, but also my desire to change what I’m reading (at least a little). Most readers seem to like the extensive archive of book reviews, but get bored by having two new ones each week – by knocking it down to one, it’s a little less intrusive.

Plus, I’m working on three pretty big projects that will appear over the next four months or so – and, no, I’m not talking about my book, which will be in bookstores this December 17. Three besides that one.

Here are some articles of interest.

How to Go Broke Being Frugal The “high startup cost” factor is something that is often debated. Is it better to spend $1,500 on a high-efficiency washer that will last two decades or $200 on a low-efficiency washer that’ll last eight years? All things equal, the former is the better option, but a $1,500 bill can really hurt. (@ frugal dad)

Starting an eBay Business – A Step by Step Guide I have one friend who makes his living selling trading cards on eBay from his home. He spends about six hours a day on it, and this is actually pretty close to how he got started. (@ christian pf)

Ads Are NOT the New Online Tip Jar I tend to think the new online tip jar is something like my “downloadables,” but what do I know? Let’s just say I’m going to experiment down this path in the future. (@ get rich slowly)

Am I Wasting My Time? I disagree with the idea that “you can’t teach money,” but the desire to learn has to come from within the learner. If they don’t have it, it’s like squeezing juice from a rock. (@ )

Tightwad Tuesday: Don’t Be Squeamish Over “Gently Used” When I read this, I think “baby clothes.” Most babies only wear an outfit two or three times, then it’s either handed down or sold at a yard sale. For me, this means buy baby clothes at yard sales. What do I care if someone else’s baby wore this outfit two or three times, especially if I give it a thorough cleaning? (@ being frugal)

40 Positive Effects of a TV Free Week For me, the biggest change was simply going to bed when I got tired instead of lounging in front of the television in a sleepy stupor. It added a lot of energy to my days. (@ marc and angel hack life)

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