The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Book Review Index Edition

I put together an index of all my book reviews for people who like to follow them (and want to easily find older reviews in one place):

Bookmark that URL for future reference. Whenever you need to look up one of my book reviews – or if you want to check and see if I’ve reviewed it – you’ll be able to find all of the reviews on that single page. I hope you find it useful.

Snake-Oil Salesmen? Debating the Role of the Financial Media The financial media is just there for entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. So is The Simple Dollar. (@ get rich slowly)

$70 Emergency Menu for 4 to 6 If you’re trying to eat frugally and have nothing in the cupboards, here’s a good place to start. This plan will feed a family of 4 to 6 for just $70 over a week – all meals included. (Her prices are a bit low – I did my own calculations to come up with the $70 estimate.) (@ hillbilly housewife)

20 Free Online Finance Courses – Take Money Classes From the Comfort of Your Home This is an excellent collection of resources for self-learning. (@ generation x finance)

Rethinking Investing: Spotting Mistakes in Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer This is perhaps the best critical summary I’ve read of the tiff between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer on the media’s role in the meltdown. (@ tim ferriss)

Seven Ways to Fund College Without a Savings Fund This is the type of information I wish I had when I was seventeen – it would have made the college search much easier. (@ frugal dad)

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