How to Build a Better Blog

My name is Trent Hamm and I’m the creator of The Simple Dollar. I launched the site in November 2006 and, just barely a year later, the site received a million page views a month and has 25,000 RSS subscribers. Even more, I have spent no money at all on direct advertising for the site – I have never spent a dime to steer readers my way.

How did I do it? I spent a month collecting every technique I used to achieve this success. This isn’t “how to start a blog” material – anyone can write about that. What I focused on is how to build an audience and write quality content. These ideas were originally posted as a series of entries at The Simple Dollar.

1: Essential Reading
2: Love What You Write
3: Addressing Your Readers
4: Define Your Own Success
5: Don’t Leave Them Hanging
6: Don’t Be Insular
7: Keep Something In Reserve
8: Reach Out
9: Be Yourself
10: Length Doesn’t Matter
11: Respond to Comments
12: Inspire Yourself
13: The Content Comes First
14: Money Doesn’t Matter
15: Don’t Give Up
16: Be Lucky
17: Guide Your Users
18: Leverage the Past
19: Search Engine Optimization Doesn’t Matter
20: The Mini Audience
21: Don’t Chase Away Your Readers
22: Social Bookmarking
23: Don’t Know It All
24: Use the Senses
25: Write in Series
26: Post Consistently
27: Engage the Casual Visitor
28: Talking To Other Bloggers
29: Don’t Clutter It Up
30: Don’t Forget the Fundamentals
31: Celebrate With Your Readers