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Financial Planning for a Digital Nomad Life

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I had a pretty frank discussion about what we would be doing right now if we didn’t have children.

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Your ‘Magic’ Interest Rate: Figuring Out Debt vs. Savings

When people first become acutely aware of their personal finances, they’re usually hit with a cavalcade of seemingly incompatible goals. They usually have a number

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My Favorite ‘Little Wins’: 12 Simple Frugality Tips That Just Work

Over the years, I have shared literally thousands of frugality tips on The Simple Dollar. Most of them are useful tips – they will save

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How to Get Back on a Strong Financial Path After a Big Setback

You’ve finally done it. You’ve committed to making some big financial changes in your life. You’re going to plow through your worst debts, build up

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Personal Finance and Life Priorities

A few days ago, I was in the midst of a back-and-forth email conversation about organizing a to-do list. I was making an argument on

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How to Use a Zero-Sum Budget to Pay Down Debt

While there are plenty of different budgeting strategies to try, my personal favorite is the zero-sum budget. This type of budget isn’t hard to implement,

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Finances Without a Direction in Life

During the first few years of marriage, my wife and I were largely directionless. We both had jobs that paid fairly well that we enjoyed

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10 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Finances

While the U.S. economy has been adding jobs every month since late 2010 and several key indicators  point to strong economic growth, plenty of Americans still struggle.

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$1 Meal Tactics: Saving Big on Food Costs, a Buck at a Time

A little under a year ago, I wrote an article entitled Using the ‘$1 Per Meal’ Strategy to Save Big Time on Food Costs. In

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Success Through Effort or Advice?

One big criticism that people have made about personal finance writers is that somehow their comments are invalid because they made much of their income

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Happiness and Spending Less Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Boredom. Sadness. Jealousy. Frustration. Anger. Loneliness. Hopelessness. Those are emotional responses that I hear about all the time from readers who are struggling with adapting

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How to Handle a Job with Low (or No) Pay Increases

Jason writes in: “I have been working at the same job for the past seven years. It pays well and I am able to save

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Just a Little Patience: 14 Ways to Develop Restraint

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about nine techniques I was using to teach myself patience, because patience was (and still is)

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Six Ways to Squash Lifestyle Inflation

If you’re like many middle-class Americans, you’ve worked hard to get ahead and earn more money. And even if your progress is slow, you’re (hopefully)

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Eight Key Strategies to Help Keep Overbooked Families from Overspending

This time of the year, our family always feels incredibly overbooked. Our three children are each in a couple of activities all throughout the year

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How to Compare Banks and Credit Unions When Looking for a New Financial Home

Let’s say you’re moving to a new community and thus need a new home for your banking and checking services, or let’s say you’re in

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Some Thoughts on Impractical Urges on the Path to Financial and Professional Success

Recently, Ayana Mathis published a wonderful article entitled On Impractical Urges. The focus of the article was squarely on the “cult of success” in America

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The Simple Secret to Sustained Financial and Professional Success

Over the last several years, I’ve paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and went from the precipice of bankruptcy to a path