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USDA Loans: Not Just for Farmers

You don’t need to live miles from your nearest neighbor to qualify for a USDA home loan. Most of the country is eligible, including small

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Mortgage Rates: Current Trends and Historical Rate Data

Photo: WoodleyWonderworks Current mortgage rates are on the rise. The national average for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage at the beginning of July 2015 was 4.08%.

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The 4 Best Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Companies

In Massachusetts, snow falls by the foot — wreaking havoc on roofs and driving up homeowners insurance premiums. Photo: Nat Tarbox Located in the heart of

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The 4 Best Michigan Homeowners Insurance Companies

Michigan’s northern Great Lakes location can create harsh winter weather conditions, often leading to an increased risk of frozen pipes and flooding. It’s no surprise, then, that

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The 5 Best Illinois Homeowners Insurance Companies

Illinois is both a leading agriculture and manufacturing producer, and home to one of the biggest, most bustling cities in the country. This diverse landscape, combined with

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The 4 Best Colorado Homeowners Insurance Companies

Living in the Centennial State definitely has its benefits — from the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape to over 200 craft brewery locations, it’s no wonder

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Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Energy (and Money)

Look for a switch like this one to change the direction of your ceiling fans depending on the season. Photo: The JH Photography Summer’s just

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The 4 Best Texas Homeowners Insurance Companies

From San Antonio’s Riverwalk (pictured) to downtown Dallas to the dusty plains of West Texas, what you’ll pay for home insurance in the Lone Star

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The 4 Best California Homeowners Insurance Companies

The California home insurance market is the largest in the country, with over 50 providers competing for customers. As a result, the average rate for

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The 5 Best New York Homeowners Insurance Companies

Home to one of the world’s largest cities as well as over 36,000 farms, New York is a diverse state of skyscrapers and silos, with

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Will Mortgage Rates Go Up if the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

Conventional wisdom holds that when the Federal Reserve starts to ratchet up interest rates, maybe as early as September, mortgage rates will follow suit. But


10 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

In the summer of 2007, my wife and I purchased our first home. As a first-time home buyer, I knew we needed to spend a

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Using the HARP Program to Refinance an Underwater Mortgage

The real estate market has been recovering, but if your mortgage is still underwater, you might benefit from the HARP program. Photo: Kai Schreiber Just

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19 Things a New Homeowner Should Do Immediately to Save Money

So you’ve just moved into your nice new home. You’ve unloaded the boxes and started to unpack your life. Right now is the perfect time

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

If you have a mortgage on your home, you’ve probably wondered at least once whether it would be worthwhile to pay it down ahead of schedule. And if


Why the Fed’s New ‘Rate Checker’ Doesn’t Check Out

The CFPB’s new ‘Rate Checker’ tool will require some tweaking to really help most consumers. By Peter Miller The government is out with a new

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Why You Should Buy Less House Than You Can Afford

A bigger house may mean a bigger mortgage, but it doesn’t end there. More space to heat and cool will mean higher utility bills. When it comes to


Should You Live at Home to Save Money During College?

Could you do this if you lived at home? Maybe not, but living on campus will cost a lot more than living with mom and