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Developing a Real Plan for a Better Life

For the last few years, I’ve done something of an “end of the year” review of my life. I take some time to sit down,

Make a credit card strategy for your holiday shopping.

Credit Card Tips to Help Shoppers Celebrate the Holidays Frugally

The right credit card strategy can earn you hundreds in cash back rewards while shopping for gifts this holiday season.

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Looking Down the Ladder: A Different Perspective on Spending

Several years ago, I wrote a review of Jacob Lund Fisker’s book Early Retirement Extreme and then followed it up a couple of years later.

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The Scientific Side Hustle: Plasma Donation, Clinical Trials, and Other Ways to Make Money Off Your Body

When my brother was in college, he loved to send me emails containing the latest jokes, memes, and YouTube videos circulating on the internet. I’ll

Credit card rewards - know the difference between points, cash back and miles

Take Our Credit Card Rewards Quiz

What’s the difference between points, miles, and cash back? Take our credit card rewards quiz and see which type of program suits you best.

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The War Over Leftovers – and How You Can Win

A few days ago, I came across an interesting article in the Washington Post by Caitlin Dewey entitled “Why Americans have stopped eating leftovers.” The

Cutting the cord from pay TV

The 2018 Cord-Cutting Guide

Some people cancel their pay-TV service to save money but wind up actually spending more. Find out how to cut the cord the right way,

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Solving Boredom Without Throwing Money at the Problem

“I’m bored.” As a parent, those are two of the most frustrating words that I hear from my children. With an absolute abundance of options

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Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2017

While prepaid cards were once a last resort for those who couldn’t qualify for a traditional bank account, new features have moved some of the best


Questions About Real Estate, Work Clothes, Shaving, Eggs, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to

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Deliberate Experiments, Personal Finance, and Living a Better Life

I recently came across a great article at Medium by Michael Simmons entitled Forget The 10,000-Hour Rule; Edison, Bezos, & Zuckerberg Follow The 10,000-Experiment Rule.

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The Best Payday Loan Alternatives of 2017

It doesn’t matter your financial situation: There’s almost always a better alternative to taking out a payday loan. So, if you’re facing an emergency and


How to Find the Best Mortgage Rates in 2017

Buying a house is always tough, but it’s a lot tougher without the right loan. Thankfully, the best mortgage rates in 2017 are still at

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Negative Emotions and Financial Self-Control

Guilt. Shame. Embarrassment. Those feelings often drive us towards particular behaviors in our life, some positive and some negative. We call our mom because we

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Struggling Against Good Decisions with Bad Results

Back in the mid-2000s, I spent a year or two playing online poker as a side gig. At that point, when ESPN was hyping poker

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Five Chronic Financial Problems That Money Won’t Solve

If the world and the people in it were simple and sensible, hardly anyone would struggle with money. Families with debt would take rational steps

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Making Financial Goals Inevitable

One of the biggest challenges of long-term goal setting is that the goals that people tend to set for the long term have no real

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12 Big Tips for Saving Money with a Baby

My niece had her first child a few months ago and seeing that little baby has reminded Sarah and I of our own experience with