The Simple Dollar Community Guidelines

We at The Simple Dollar want to hear from you! The content on this site is meant to inform, put forth opinions, and guide people to make better financial decisions. We understand that not everyone’s financial experience is the same, and your comments and questions can add very useful perspectives or different angles on stories for your fellow readers.

Sometimes commenters even catch a mistake or two in a post! This is all good, and we welcome conversation and constructive debate so long as it is presented in way that is respectful and productive to the rest of the community. We moderate all comments that are made on The Simple Dollar and reserve the right to edit or remove comments that do not keep with the principles of the community.

Tips for Adding Value with Your Comments

1. Be personal. Share your personal story or opinions, good or bad.
2. Be respectful. ALL of our readers and writers deserve to be treated respectfully. Disagreement is good, disrespect is not.
3. Add the whys. If you like or dislike something, say why. This helps other readers understand your point of view.
4. Honesty is the best policy. Post accurate information in your comments. Comments should reflect your actual experience.

Comment Moderation and Removal

Comments that violate any of the guidelines below can, and will be modified, edited or deleted:

1. Do not include private information. We can not control the dissemination by others of private information once it is posted on the internet. Please do not disclose any personal information such as your bank account number, social security number, phone number, email, physical address or any other confidential information.
2. Do not post spam. Do not post unwanted solicitations, advertisements, chain letters, or other promotional content.
3. Do not post inappropriate or disrespectful material. Please refrain from using profane and explicit language, making statements that are hateful or threatening in any way, or posting links to vulgar or sexually explicit content. Please be respectful of all community members at all times. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.
4. Do not post content that is illegal or constitutes infringement. Do not post material that cannot be legally distributed or that which violates any laws or regulations.
5. Do not post intentionally false information. Do not submit comments that are inaccurate, misleading or misrepresent yourself, your authority on a given subject, or your affiliation with our publication or partners.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, our content, or require any troubleshooting assistance, please e-mail us at

Thanks for reading and being a part of The Simple Dollar community!

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