In addition to Trent’s daily articles, The Simple Dollar works with two primary contributors who provide advice on financial topics, products, and services with the goal of helping consumers make the best decisions while saving the most amount of money.

Mike Jelinek

photoMike Jelinek is a financial contributor for The Simple Dollar on a variety of topics, including credit cards, investing, finance, insurance, and education. Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin and worked for several years as a proprietary day trader where he gained an understanding of global financial markets. Mike currently lives in Seattle, WA and is the Director of Content for, a website with honest and unbiased reviews of products and services.

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Michael Gardon

gardonMichael Gardon is a personal finance writer for The Simple Dollar. As a former trader, he applies his knowledge of risk to bring an alternative viewpoint to many of the status-quo advice you might find on other personal finance sites. As a husband and a father, he offers a personal take on many of the financial challenges we all face. Michael has started several successful businesses, and some not-so-successful ones. He holds an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago where he has been a guest lecturer on topics related to entrepreneurship.

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