UPside Visa Classic Prepaid Card

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UPside Visa Classic Prepaid Card
Issuer Metabank
Credit Rating No Credit Check
Intro Bonus Tier Level None
Rewards Tier Level None
Perks Tier Level None
  • Earn $5 for activating card online, $10 when you sign up for direct deposit, up to 15% cash back shopping through the UPside mall.
  • UPside Premium is offered to about a third of UPside cardholders that regularly use direct deposit, and waives monthly fee for rest of the year.
  • Load from debit/credit card limited to $300/day, $100/month; available only after 90 days and $1,000 loaded.
  • Maximum loads: $10k per month of direct deposit, $1k per day of cash loads, $300 per day and $1k per month of credit/debit loads.
  • Really low limit of $60 per transaction (less than the average grocery store purchase), and limit of 15 transactions per month