Americor Debt Settlement Review

Americor Funding claims to achieve average settlements of 50% or more for borrowers who enroll in its debt settlement program. However, it has received a variety of customer complaints, and may not be the best option for most borrowers.

Average Savings
Minimum Debt
3.8 / 5.0
SimpleScore Americor 3.8
Fees N/A
Average Savings 5
Program Length 1
Minimum Debt 4
BBB Score 5

Americor Funding is a financial company with mixed reviews for its debt settlement services. Americor Funding specializes in debt settlement services. While it has information about a variety of different ways consumers can deal with debt on its website, the only financial service the company provides is debt settlement. Americor Funding achieves average settlements of 50% or more, meaning that borrowers can save a good chunk of money if they use the company’s services.
However, customers have complained about Americor’s lack of transparency and business practices, and not all customers have been happy with the settlements that Americor has achieved for them. Americor Funding also lags behind competitors in terms of its website, with frequent error messages and navigating difficulties. Overall, Americor Funding may be able to achieve success for some customers who are interested in debt settlement, but borrowers may be able to find more reputable debt settlement companies elsewhere.

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    Americor debt settlement at a glance

    CompanyMinimum DebtAverage SavingsFeesBBB scoreKey Benefit
    Americor Funding$3,50050%VariesA+May reduce debt by 50%

    What we like about it

    The main benefit of Americor Funding is that it may be able to substantially reduce your debt burden by bargaining with creditors on your behalf. This means that you may end up paying less than you originally owed to these companies. If you’re drowning in debt, behind on payments, or struggling to stay afloat financially, debt settlement can be a viable option to eliminate as much debt as possible before starting over with a relatively clean slate. After Americor Funding negotiates your debt, you’ll have one simple monthly payment.

    While Americor Funding only offers debt settlement services, it also provides information about a variety of other ways that borrowers can manage their debt. This includes debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt management and bankruptcy. For borrowers interested in learning more about different options when it comes to burdensome debt, Americor Funding provides accurate, easy to understand breakdowns of each option.

    Things to consider

    Americor Funding has received numerous negative reviews from customers. In particular, many customers have reported being solicited to open up a line of credit, credit card or loan with Americor Funding, before being pressured to instead sign up for debt settlement services during an initial consultation. While Americor Funding doesn’t seem to offer any loans, credit cards or other financial services besides debt consolidation, customers claim that it has falsely represented itself and its services. Borrowers interested in Americor Funding should be aware that this company may not employ best practices in terms of transparency and accountability.

    By engaging in Americor Funding’s debt settlement program, you’ll agree to let the company negotiate with your creditors, with the goal of ultimately lowering your debt burden and reducing the total amount you owe. While this can save you money in the long term, there’s no guarantee that the negotiations will be successful. Some creditors may not agree to work with a debt settlement company. In addition, this process can dramatically lower your credit score, and can also result in unpleasant calls and letters from creditors and debt collectors.

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    Fees and savings

    According to Americor Funding, the company doesn’t charge a fee until it is able to successfully resolve at least one of a borrower’s accounts. Once a customer approves a settlement, fees are charged on a prorated basis depending on details of the settlement. During the debt settlement process, customers may be required to make payments to a third party processor that will distribute payments to creditors after a settlement. Americor Funding claims to have achieved settlements of 50% or more on average.

    The process

    To begin working with Americor Funding, you should first apply online or over the phone. You’ll need to provide some information about your financial situation, including how much unsecured debt you have, as well as your contact information and address. A consultation with Americor Funding is free, and there’s no obligation to sign up for debt settlement services if you decide it’s not the best option for you.

    If you decide to use Americor Funding’s debt settlement services, there are a few steps to the process:

    1. The company will begin negotiating with creditors on your behalf. During this period, you’ll be asked to stop making payments to your creditors, which may result in unpleasant calls and letters from creditors and debt collection agencies.
    2. You’ll also make monthly payments to a dedicated account, which will be used to pay off creditors once a settlement has been reached.
    3. When Americor Funding reaches an agreement with one of your creditors, the company will ask for your approval before officially settling the debt.
    4. This process typically takes about 24 to 48 months.

    After your debt is settled, you may owe taxes on the forgiven amount, depending on how much was forgiven and your creditor’s policies. In some cases, you may be sued by creditors for a failure to pay. After you complete the debt settlement process, you’ll need to work to build up good credit before you’ll be eligible for another loan or credit card.

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