Identity Guard® Review

Founded in 1996, Virginia-based Identity Guard helped lead the charge as one of the first companies tackling the growing problem of identity theft. A full Identity Guard® review reveals that through the use of innovative technology, the company has helped protect over 47 million identities in its two decades of business. While everyone hopes they never have to deal with identity theft, hope is not a plan. Criminals are always innovating and finding new ways to gain access to your sensitive and private personal and financial information.

Identity Guard® not only has experience protecting individuals and businesses, but it also has extensive experience resolving fraud cases — over 140,000 resolved cases and counting. If you’re looking for protection for yourself, family or business, consider Identity Guard® as a viable partner.

Identity Guard® at a glance

Price Tier* Individual Plan Family Plans Standout Feature Monthly Credit Score Alert?
Value $8.99/month $14.99/month Dark Web monitoring
Total $19.99/month $29.99/month New account alerts
Premier $24.99/month $34.99/month 3-bureau credit reporting

*Discounts available for annual billing

What we like about Identity Guard®

One of the most significant things that stands out about this company is its use of emerging technologies to better protect its customers. The company has a partnership with IBM’s artificial intelligence product, Watson, to get in front of and avoid potential fraud issues. Additionally, the company offers several different affordable plans for individuals, families and businesses, which allows you to choose the right level of coverage for your unique needs. The value plan for individuals is available for as low as $8.99 a month or $7.50 a month when billed annually.

The company also gives all customers, regardless of the plan they choose, a $0 deductible and $1 million insurance policy in case their identity is ever stolen. It’s hard preemptively to gauge the effect identity theft will have on you or your family, but knowing you have some straightforward financial help to back you up if it ever happens is a big win.

Things to consider

While the middle and top tier plans at Identity Guard are robust, its Value plan is a little light on some important features. Specifically, alerts for bank account takeovers and requests to open checking and savings accounts are only included in the Total and Premier plans. The good news, though, is that the Total and Premier plans still clock in at an affordable rate for both individuals and families.

Credit Monitoring

One of the main features you get with all Identity Guard® plans is credit monitoring. The company uses technology and dedicated account managers to constantly scan documents, events and accounts that may have an impact on your credit score. Not only does Identity Guard® look in traditional places for credit threats, but it scans the infamous dark web for anything tied to your Social Security number or identity.

Depending on the account level you choose, you will get different levels of monitoring service. All plans use IBM’s AI to search through billions of pieces of information to identify any potential threats to your credit. Higher-tiered plans will give you credit alerts if anyone tries to take over one of your bank accounts or attempts to open a checking or savings account with your information. When left unchecked, these actions can have drastic effects on your credit score.

Credit Restoration

If your identity is compromised and your credit is damaged, Identity Guard has extensive personnel and protocols in place to help restore your credit. As soon as fraud is detected, the company automatically opens a case and assigns a dedicated case manager to help walk you through the restoration process. This includes canceling credit cards, removing fraudulent accounts, filing a police report, and helping you reclaim your credibility with financial institutions.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a 24/7 U.S.-based customer service center if you have any additional questions not covered by your case manager.

In case the damage inflicted is costly, Identity Guard® offers all customers with all three plans its $1 million insurance policy. The policy is covered through American International Group, Inc. While you should read the policy yourself for exact particulars, some of the things covered include lost wages, travel expenses, elder/child/spousal care and legal fees (upon prior approval). The policy currently carries a $0 deductible, which means it won’t cost you anything to use in the instance your identity is compromised.

Identity Protection

Unfortunately, identity theft continues to grow and evolve as criminals find new and creative ways to get control of your information. While identity theft companies typically focus on helping to catch intrusions, they do also offer help in preventing identity theft altogether.

Identity Guard® offers several different resources to help you understand your potential exposure and shore up any areas of vulnerability. These resources include an overall risk management score, an online identity dashboard, an anti-phishing mobile app, a safe-browsing extension and dark-web scanning for all levels of accounts for individuals and families.

Additionally, premier plans offer a social media insight report that analyzes your social media footprint with IBM’s Watson. The program assesses your potential vulnerability to identity theft and offers suggestions to safeguard your information better.

The bottom line

In today’s world, protecting your identity or the identities of your family members continues to grow in importance. If criminals are able to get a hold of your personal information, they can use your name to make financial transactions dragging your name through the mud and ruining your credit score.

Identity Guard relies on 20-plus years of experience helping over 47 million people keep their identity safe. As the world continues to trend digitally, the need for this protection will continue to grow. If you’re in the market for identity theft protection, you may want to take a moment and consider employing the services of Identity Guard®.

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