Dealing with Dissatisfaction

What do you do if you’re dissatisfied with your cell phone? You find that it endlessly frustrates you. It’s constantly interrupting you. It doesn’t have the features you want. Quite often, you just want to throw it in a desk drawer and forget about it.

Quite often, in this situation, people will go shopping for a new cell phone. They’ll feature-hunt, find one that matches what they think they need, and go out and buy a replacement.

Quite often, though, that’s money lost.

Why not step back a little bit more? Do you need a cell phone at all? Or, perhaps, maybe you only need a prepaid phone for emergencies or occasional mobile calls? If you find that the regular ringing of the cell phone is annoying you and you often just ignore it or turn it off, why are you paying for that service and that expensive phone?

What do you do if you’re dissatisfied with your television? The screen seems to be starting to go bad. It’s not giving you images in HD. It doesn’t “wow” you when you go into the room. In fact, you find yourself watching it less and less.

Sometimes, people will head to the store and pick out a nice new flat screen as a replacement in this situation. They’ll go home, install it, enjoy it for a while, and then find that it’s gathering dust, just like the one before it.

Why not step back? Do you really even need a television at all? Maybe you watch the few television series that you enjoy on your laptop or desktop computer instead – and you get your news there, too. If you’re just not using it as much, why are you buying an expensive replacement?

What do you do when you’re dissatisfied with your living room decor? The colors have been the same for a while and it’s just time for something fresh.

Do you start looking to replace all the furniture in the room? Do you spend your time sitting on that couch flipping through home decor magazines and websites, dreaming of how the room could look better?

Why not step back? Quite often, a room can look fresh and new with just a few simple changes, like a fresh coat of paint or a few alterations in the decorations. After all, repainting the walls and matteing a few photographs to hang on the walls is a lot less expensive than a new living room set.

When you’re dissatisfied with something, it’s rarely a good idea to just go buy a replacement for it. Stop for a bit and ask yourself why you’re dissatisfied. It might be that the item isn’t functional, but it might just be that you don’t really need that function in your life.

The best solution to dissatisfaction is, in the long run, rarely found in the wallet.

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