Dealing With The Stress of Buying a Home

Right now, my wife and I are waist-deep in the house buying process and it is pretty stressful for both of us. Buying a house is a huge financial commitment and we’re both rather stressed out about the whole thing – it has been dominating our thoughts and our waking hours for the last several days.

In order to get through all of this with our sanity intact, my wife and I have been doing a number of things to minimize the stress that have really helped make this period go much smoother. Here’s what we’ve done.

Focus on relaxing things. Rather than just jamming our days full of other things that need to be done besides the home purchase, we’ve pulled the throttle back on some aspects of our life. For example, our house isn’t quite as clean as it usually is, and our son has a lot of toys strewn about at the moment. By spending our spare time doing more relaxing things, we’re better able to focus and address house-buying issues when the necessary time comes.

Keep things in perspective. We’re very financially stable, so in the end this is a completely natural move. We make sure to reiterate this as often as possible.

Make it as fun as we can. We spend our evenings often thinking about the fun parts of owning a home: our own washer and dryer, a deep freezer (which we both want), actual *gasp* storage space, room for guests, and so on. These are things we both really look forward to having and thinking about them makes the process a lot more fun.

Spend a lot of time with our son. He’s eighteen months old and there are two major changes coming down the pipe for him: a move to a new home, then the arrival of a baby sister. We’re spending a lot of time with him right now making him feel secure and safe so that when these changes happen, they’re not too upsetting. We’ve been reading him lots of books about moving to a new house and also books about a baby sibling. I’m not sure he’s grasped the idea of moving yet, but he is definitely latching on to the idea of having a baby around the house.

Eat healthy. Because May is our frugal month anyway, we’re making an extra effort to eat at home and eat healthy, which helps us deal with the effects of stress.

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