Exercise Regularly (210/365)

Physical exercise is something that helps your life in a lot of ways, many of which translate directly into dollars.

For starters, a regular routine of physical fitness will help raise your energy level, making you feel more ready to tackle projects like air-sealing your home instead of kicking back on the couch. If you channel that energy well, you can accomplish a lot of things that cut back on your overall spending.

At the same time, that fitness routine can improve your wellness, cutting back on your health care costs. That’s clearly true in terms of long-term health, but it can have short-term health benefits as well. In both cases, you’re saving money with fewer medications, doctor visits, and medical procedures.

Beyond that, there’s a common sense of well-being among people who exercise. I just feel better when I consistently exercise, both mentally and physically. I don’t get sick nearly as often, I’m upbeat about things, and I feel much more ready to tackle what life throws at me.

Exercise is almost a no-brainer if you want to save some money.

Exercise Regularly (210/365)

One of the drawbacks is that many people associate regular exercise with the expenses of equipment and gym membership. It doesn’t have to be that way at all.

For me, the most enjoyable type of exercise is going outside and walking or running. I love a nice long walk/jog at the start of the day (before breakfast) and sometimes a family walk in the evening after supper.

For my personal walk, I’ll put on my headphones and enjoy a podcast along the way. I’ll usually end up learning something new during that process.

With my family, we’ll usually have a family discussion about something. On our last family walk (a two mile jaunt that our six year old and our four year old completed, and our two year old completed in part before giving up), we spent most of the time talking about why there are different kinds of trees and also about some ongoing family issues.

If you want something more, I’d suggest that you take a look at the wonderful book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark. It’s written by an elite Special Operations physical trainer and focuses entirely on exercises of all intensities that you can do at home and that require essentially no equipment.

There are also a lot of internet goal-setting and motivation tools for exercise. Fitocracy, WorkoutBox, 200 Situps, Couch to 5K, and countless others offer free or low cost online motivation tools that can help you keep moving forward with your goals.

Exercise is a fantastic way to feel better about yourself, have more energy, and put yourself in a better physical place. If you want those kinds of improvements, it’s up to you. Get started today.

This post is part of a yearlong series called “365 Ways to Live Cheap (Revisited),” in which I’m revisiting the entries from my book “365 Ways to Live Cheap,” which is available at Amazon and at bookstores everywhere. Images courtesy of Brittany Lynne Photography, the proprietor of which is my “photography intern” for this project.

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