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Fifteen Great Websites That Saved Me Money

Trent Hamm

At the start of 2010, I decided to start an ongoing list of websites that directly saved me money with the intent of sharing that list (and my money-saving experiences with each entry) when the list hit fifteen sites in length (perfect for a good post – not too few and not too many). I fired up OneNote (my default note-taking app) and just started jotting down any experiences I had where a website directly saved me money.

It only took until mid-April to reach that count.

Here they are – the fifteen websites that have directly saved me money so far in 2010, along with how exactly each one saved me money.

Websites that Helped Me Save Money

Craigslist (and its’ cousin, Freecycle)

This is definitely the big one, at least to this point in 2010. About a week ago, I posted an article talking about how we bought a 2004 Honda Pilot off of Craigslist, saving us quite a bit of coinage. Beyond that, we’ve also *almost* picked up three or four additional items off of Craigslist over the last few months but, as users know, stuff can sometimes go very fast on there. I usually just look for stuff that’s outrageously undervalued (a la yard sales on occasion) or free.


This has been my primary source of books for years. It’s simply online book swapping – mail out a book you’ve already read to someone who wants it and get a credit, then spend that credit to get a book from someone else. I get books in the mail for about $2 (the cost of sending out one of my old ones). Recent books to arrive in the mail include Foucault’s Pendulum by Unberto Eco, The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, The Accidental by Ali Smith, and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.


Skype allows you to use the internet as your telephone service, allowing you to call any number in the U.S., Canada, and a few other countries as well as have your own phone number for about $3 a month. I’ve been using Skype as my business number since last year and it’s worked like a charm. The best part? When I don’t want to deal with business calls, I just close the program. Problem solved.


My biggest problem with online coupon sites is that they often convince me to go ahead and buy stuff I don’t actually need or really even want if I thought about it rationally. Feedsifter allows me to set up automated searches of coupon sites for the things I actually want, then pumps the results to me. I’ve saved $10 on Magna-Tiles and about $30 on some All-Clad pans to replace our peeling Teflon-covered pans.


Another time when a coupon site can be useful is when you go there for a specific purpose. Earlier this year, my wireless mouse failed and, after looking at a bunch of replacement options, I settled on several different models. One of them – the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 – had a very nice price listed on DealCatcher, so I went for it, saving myself about $15 off of Amazon’s price and about $25 off of just running to Best Buy to get it.


As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been planning a summer trip up to the northern reaches of Minnesota. Over the years, I’ve used lots of travel sites for planning, but this time I’m using Kayak to help us figure out exactly where we’re going to camp and what services are nearby – with a four year old, a two year old, and a baby, something will come up, I’m quite sure.

Travel Iowa

Thanks to this website, we’ve hit several community events over the past few months, including Toddlerfest (which our children loved) and a few events at Iowa State University. It lists all kinds of events taking place all over Iowa during the entire year, allowing you to narrow it down as much as you’d like. Many other states have similar services.

Healthy Grocery List

Hand in hand with a grocery store flyer, I used this site to come up with a set of healthy recipes and a grocery list for those items a few different times. I’d take the flyer, find some recipes using a few of the fresh ingredients on sale, then generate a grocery list. I’d then cross a few items off the list (because they were already on hand) and add a few staples, then head out to the store. A day is coming when this type of interface is available for a home recipe collection and when that happens, I’ll be a happy man.

Gas Buddy

I’ve used this site several times while out and about, usually with my wife. We notice we need gas, so I fire up Gas Buddy on either her Kindle or my cell phone and we find the cheapest price on gas near us. More than once, we’ve driven right by a gas station to one a half mile further down the road with prices ten cents a gallon cheaper.


I use YouTube all the time for do-it-yourself projects. Two recent examples include a toilet repair (here) where I replaced the flapper and some other parts, and a video on replacing a shower head (here), which went incredibly smoothly after watching the video. In both cases, watching the video saved me from hiring a repairman or botching something badly myself.


We’re currently shopping for a new cell phone provider as my wife’s contract just ended. We identified at least three providers that will save us significant money (according to BillShrink) – we haven’t quite pulled the trigger because we’ve asked people we know about service issues with the various companies and are still deciding which one to take. So, this is more in the form of savings in the bush, not quite in the hand yet.

Yard Sale Treasure Map

I love going to yard sales. It’s a fun Saturday activity and every once in a while, you find a stupendous deal – I once found some trading cards worth hundreds of dollars in a box marked $1 and, several years ago, I found some rare Atari cartridges for $0.50 a piece. We’ve also picked up strollers and tricycles at yard sales. If nothing else, they’re quite entertaining and this site makes it easy to find ones near you.


We’re about to disconnect our cable entirely, saving us about $40 a month. Although we don’t watch much television, some of the series we do watch can be found on Hulu for free.


At the same time, we now subscribe to Netflix (a downgrade from $50 a month cable to $9 a month Netflix!). We watch streaming stuff on our Wii, including some children’s programming (like Follow That Bird and our son’s favorite show, Caillou) on rainy days. In fact, we’re likely going to shrink our DVD collection yet again because some of the disks are redundant with what’s available on Netflix.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Rumor has it that Hulu is going to become a paid site. I don’t know when or how much, but that’s something to keep in mind, too. We’re mulling over cutting the cable ourselves, but we’re waiting to see how much it would cost if and when Hulu is no longer free.

  2. Maggie says:

    The LA Times said the official word is Hulu will start charging around May 24, 2010 at $9.95 as a flat monthly rate. I believe you can see a couple of the most recent episodes for free still.

  3. Bryan says:

    There is another great way to watch lots of free television that doesn’t even require internet access (which costs more than a cable bill typically).



  4. Karina says:

    I wouldn’t get rid of your DVDs that you really love either. Obviously if something is a duplicate and you don’t really care, sell it. Keep your favorites though. My point is that Netflix cycles some of its movies in and out. Ex: Bridget Jones Diary, one of my favorites, was on Netflix instant streaming for months and months. I went to stream it on my Wii last weekend and it was gone for now. It may be back again, but not for a while…

  5. RC says:

    I want to know more about Feed Sifter. I like coupons but have not had any luck finding a good site to get coupons online. Most of the sites I’ve found usually have very few items and hardly any of them are for things I buy.

    How do you use Feed Sifter? Are you talking about grocery coupons or coupons for other products?

  6. Marie says:

    I’ve read Foucault’s Pendulum AND Never Let Me Go. Both are very good. The former is a difficult read in parts but totally great payoff in the end.

  7. Sullivan says:

    Funny – I kind of expected to see eBay on that list, but I guess I’ve never really heard you mention them now that I think of it. My wife has saved a bundle on eBay. Probably the biggest bargain has been clothes for my daughter. She’s bought boxes and boxes of used outfits for her and when she grows out of clothes my wife’s re-sold them via eBay as well.

    I’m contemplating dropping Netflix. I’ve had REALLY bad luck with the streaming video (through my Tivo). It’s a great idea, but they have a pretty poor selection of movies and it seems that every 30-60 seconds the show pauses for 10 seconds and we get the ‘receiving’ message.

    We really contemplated dropping cable, but we just can’t do it.

  8. jgonzales says:

    I use a lot of stuff already on this list, but especially Hulu and Netflix. We’ve had Netflix for years on the $15 plan. I’ve loved their streaming idea, but didn’t use it much until they put it on the Wii.

    The healthy recipe sounds like something I’ve been looking for recently, so thanks for the link!

  9. Natasha says:

    I usually lurk this blog, but feel compelled to comment on the paperbackswap recommendation. I’ve been a member for over a year, and have received dozens of books. The quality of the books has been appallingly poor- it seems like some people will list anything- food-stained, dog-chewed, odorous. I originally joined to save on books, and get rid of some of mine, but the state the books are in eliminates the pleasure i normally get from reading.

  10. Leah says:

    ITS cousin Freecycle. No apostrophe. The word “its” will never, never, never end with an apostrophe.

    **A message from your friendly neighborhood journalism major.**

  11. Frugaller says:

    Ooo I wonder if some of these have UK equivelants. I use skype and you tube and we have freecycle.

    I like the idea of the paperbackswop, books are my not so secret weakpoint.

    Great list

    Fru xxx
    Year of Frugality

  12. Larabara says:

    If Hulu is going to start charging a fee, does this mean they’ll stop showing commercials?

  13. RMRS says:

    I’ve found grabbing those great Craigslist finds quickly is easier with this free website, especially if you are near a computer most of the day:


    It will do frequent (as frequent as every 5 minutes) searches for your key words and email you. You can set it to have maximum prices as well, so for example a current search I have going is “folding treadmill” and price “free.” I know within 5 minutes of a new listing and have my choice of the ones available.

  14. John Soares says:

    Several excellent sites for me to investigate.

    Both my partner and I have Netflix accounts. She does the three at a time and I do the one at a time. That way we’re both happy.

    And we don’t have regular television at all, and we don’t by DVDs because we can get anything we want on Netflix.

  15. The Dude says:

    Hulu is adding a subscription OPTION. What is currently free will stay free. For a $10 fee, you can access older episodes, which right now aren’t even available.


    FYI, the article also says you should expect more ads per commercial break in the near future… Free on the internet is gonna look more like free via antenna.

  16. Gretchen says:

    I’m surprised your wife has a kindle.

    Does Hulu being paid affect the last episode of lost? That’s all I care about. ABC comes in really poorly on regualar tv. :)
    The yard sale treasures site has potential, although I tend to find single yard sales (not flea markets) to be a waste of gas.

  17. Derek Cormier says:

    Great websites sir. It’s funny, I wrote a nostalgic post about my father entitled “Fathers and Fill Valves” and I used the SAME VIDEO on youtube to repair it.


    Keep it up Trent.

  18. Michele says:

    Gas Buddy, Freecycle and Kayak are my go to sites on a regular basis! I travel frequently back and forth to Southern California from Oregon, and knowing where the best price for gas on the way is critical to save money. Kayak is the first place I check since they always show Unites sites right out of my home town. But before using Kayak, check and make sure your local airline companies are there- for example, ONLY United flies out of my home airport- the next closest is 76 miles away and Southwest Airlines (Sacramento) is several hundred miles away!

  19. Leah says:

    Gretchen (#8), you can always catch ABC shows on ABC’s website. Even if Hulu becomes paid, I’m sure ABC will still keep showing their shows for free. At least, I sure hope so. I only watch Grey’s Anatomy on the internet, and I’d just give up the show if I couldn’t watch online.

  20. anna says:

    CASTTV . COM is a great website to watch almost any tv show for free, sometimes the streaming is an issue but if you are patient it is worth the wait.

    Also if you are interested in watching a recent episode of a show go straight to the shows networks website ie. ABC, NBC, CBS, they are getting better and better about putting the newest episodes on their website, cable networks are quickly following.

  21. Heather says:

    You must be a super parent to put up with Caillou! That little whiny butt drives me crazy!! Plus his parents coddle him which drives me even more crazy!

  22. Thanks for the Traveliowa website. I am from Council Bluffs so it was cool to look up local events around here.

    We recently cut our cable too. Saving a lot on our monthly bill now and we have a lot more free time to spend together as a family.

  23. Bonnie says:

    @#3 Sullivan-the issue you’re having with Netflix has nothing to do with Netflix. It’s the quality of your Internet connection. You should check your download speeds. I think the website I’ve used is speedtest dot org or dot com (maybe just google it). Our Xbox is hard-wired into the router and rarely ever stops to retrieve video, but Wii connects via wireless from the bedroom & stops to retrieve video much more often. Regarding the poor selection, I’m not sure what types of movies you’re looking for, but DH & I have found hundreds of movies we’d like to watch. The only movies that are never on streaming are the latest new release blockbusters.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Hi Trent,

    I enjoy your posts very much. However, after reading many different posts, I am curious as to the mission of this site. I was attracted to this blog as an alternative to the Tightwad Gazette and Your Money or Your Life, both of which I really enjoy. I see you using a lot of the same ideas, but then mentioning things like cell phone contracts and a Wii. I understand that everyone has different needs and lifestyle choices, and I don’t want to judge anyone who makes those choices for themselves. I guess I am just curious about your perspective on doing things like hanging laundry and making your own detergent, while also buying a lot of new technology. How do you balance those choices? And to be honest, I am a little nostalgic for the black belt Tightwad Gazette approach, though I see a lot of readers slamming you for using the same ideas.


  25. kristine says:

    Good for you on ditching cable! We did not have i until our kids were 10, and it became an issue socially for them. One of the best decisions we made. But no netflix- were library only- they could get anything.

    Hey, I have to say, I am reading this…
    AllClad, Kindle, cell phone with internet, streaming Wii, netflix subscription…

    It’s great to spend money on top quality, and things you find of value. But I have to admit- I found it surprising, as I would not spring for a single one of those things, and consider them all luxury items. But I guess all the other frugal activities compensate! My splurge is the occasional night away on my own to soak in a hot tub for hours!

  26. I would add Fat Wallet to the list.

    I can’t even imagine how much I’ve saved over the past year or so since discovering it.

    It provides a wealth of great deals on just about everything.

  27. onaclov says:

    Trent, I’m interested in your statement about the skype number, I signed up for skype about a month ago, (assuming) I would get a phone number to be called at, that was at an additional cost, were you able to get around that? The cost that I found when I was signing up was nearly the same as the actual calling plan, nearly doubling the cost to around $6 a month, could you please give details? I would like a number but dont want to shell out an additional $3 a month just so I have a number.

  28. Matthew says:

    The Hulu payment plan is going to be an optional program. The free service we all know and love is still scheduled to continue. Paid subscribers will get a larger selection of TV back episodes.

    Netflix is amazing for older shows, as well. I have started watching several nineties shows that I missed the first time around. It all depends on your Internet connection how high of a quality the show is. We don’t have cable right now, either, and I’m not too keen to get it back but I think my wife will want to when we enter a more comfortable financial situation.

    I love Craigslist. A great source of garage sales – our local newspaper’s classified are very expensive so there are rarely sale ads in it.

  29. Barry says:

    Trent I built a Gray hoverman antenna and put a 20db amp on it and get several channels for less than the cost of a conventional antenna.Every thing you need to know about this is posted online. I would love to see some tips or a how to post on streaming hulu etc. to a wii

  30. Hannah says:

    For some reason it really bothers me that you don’t use Mint. I know you have your reasons, but I still find it really surprising, because mint is so awesome and useful.

  31. I second that the problems in Netflix streaming, or any website streaming, are caused by your internet connection. I built a home theater PC for my living room at a cost of about $250. We were playing with it to see how viable they would be to build for customers. During the daytime, I can stream to my hearts content at a great resolution, however, I find that many times later on (yes, I sometimes am streaming shows on Netflix at 2am!) I get the same problem where the screen will come on that my connection has slowed and it’s lowering my resolution to compensate. Which is irritating. FWIW, I have cable. (BrightHouse in FL) That particular computer is wired to the router, also, it’s not wireless. I don’t pay for cable, either, just over-air antenna, netflix and Hulu! I admit that having it attached to my main living room TV makes it much nicer. I hate watching shows in my office on the computer.

    I have several people tell me about Skype but more for the video conference capability. We use a service called Ring Central for our business line that is more expensive, granted, but gives me a really great deal on what I have. We have an 866# and it’s VOiP so I can pick it up in the house, have it forwarded to my cell, or even answer the phone on my computer with headphones. There’s a little dialing program that pops up which also means I can fax out with it saving me more money. (I used to use trust fax dot com)

  32. Don Duquet says:

    If you want to save on just about anything, you should get friendly with http://www.instructables.com/ Have fun saving.

  33. Mel says:

    @onaclov: Skype offers calling out and a phone number as 2 separate services. I can’t remember what they’re actually called now, they used to SkypeOut and SkypeIn or something.
    If you want the number but don’t care about calling out, you can do that and not pay for the calling out part.

    We only use the calling out – it’s great for keeping in touch with my mother and sisters across the world. And if they want to talk to me, usually they send a text and I call them by Skype.

  34. Thanks for the great list! I’ll especially use Billshrink (I haven’t heard of it before).

    I’m thinking about using Craigslist to sell my car!

  35. J says:

    @Money Reasons — as much as I like Craigslist and find it useful, be ready for a flood of scammers when you list your car. Heed the warning that’s on every page, deal locally, and only accept cash or a cashier’s check that’s drawn up at the bank in front of you.

    We listed our car on Craigslist a few years ago and received about 10 scam mails a day. They all follow the same format and make the same offer (typically a site unseen sale, with an offer to write a cashier’s check more than the amount, and “an agent” will deliver the check or it will be sent FedEx).

    Of course, you are paying nothing for the listing, so you are getting what you pay for — and Craigslist does indeed attract buyers, so you can hook up with someone who wants to buy your car.

    You might also want to do your homework prior to listing the vehicle — look up the “proper” way to perform a private party car sale in your state. You will likely need to not only know what you need to have in hand (likely the title and bill of sale), but also what the buyer needs to show up with (license plates, proof of insurance, money) and what you might need to do (notary public) to make the sale complete.

  36. Sullivan says:

    @#12 Bonnie

    Well, yes, it’s obviously my connection…but regardless, it’s still a bad solution that Netflix has come up with. If they rented movies the same way Amazon and Blockbuster do – with a direct download to your DVR which then just gets deleted the next day – then you’d have a top quality solution. As it is you’re very susceptible to interrupted transmissions.

    And the list of movies is severely lacking. Both with television shows and movies. Though sounds like Netflix’s agreement to hold off on renting new releases for 30 days (ugh…still turns my stomach that they gave into that one) is supposed to give them some additional titles for streaming.

  37. Jackie says:

    I recently canceled netflix in order to save money. I was only watching 1 or 2 movies a month so redbox is cheaper.

    I would love to find less expensive internet. Seriously considering clear wireless right now, although it will only save me about $5/month which doesn’t seem worth it in case it isn’t as good as I’m used to.

  38. Dave says:

    Looking for free downloadable books by recent authors…for free? Can’t beat this site:


  39. mary says:

    Thanks-that bugs the c**p out of me! And I was a science major!

  40. J says:

    @Sullivan — no one wants to wait hours to start watching. They want it now, and they want it cheap. The TiVo solution requires a TiVo, TiVo subscription, then you need to sign up for BBOnline or Amazon.

    The Netflix streaming works to many devices — gaming consoles, computers, iPads, blu-ray players, even some high end pc’s.

    I’m a big TiVo fan (since 2001), but Netflix has come up with a model that gives people instant gratification, and I can honestly say you are the first person I’ve ever encountered who actually reports downloading a movie to your DVR.

    I will agree that the selection is limited, and I’ve also been disappointed that some titles that are on instant watch got taken off instant watch. But like many content delivery companies, Netflix, Hulu and TiVo walk a narrow path with their customers on one side and the content providers on the other.

  41. Courtney says:

    My daughter loves Caillou too! Kipper & Peep are a couple of other shows I can recommend. Peep is actually funded by the NSF.

  42. Sullivan says:

    @#24 J

    Wait hours??? You don’t have to wait hours…download starts within minutes and you can begin watching almost immediately.

    Yes – it requires a Tivo – though I’m not sure if any of the other DVR’s out there are compatible with such services.

    Yes – Blockbuster requires a membership – and then you have to pay to rent the movie – Amazon just requires an account in order to rent the movie.

    But… you’re totally missing the point; Netflix’s solution is pretty much unbearable for a lot of us out here and that other services have come up with a much better solution. Netflix has a great idea, but without some way of buffering their data locally it’s just too annoying to deal with.

    Netflix also definitely has the advantage being able to view via other devices (game consoles and such), but if you have any sort of bandwidth issue – it’s just horrible.

    I think if Netflix was setup to buffer the movie locally – so that it would start playing in 5 minutes but begin to download directly to your xbox’s hard drive (or wii’s memory or whatever) to give you a small buffer of time so it can continue playing rather than pausing with the ‘Receiving’ message every minute or two – that would be a much more elegant solution.

  43. Dean Voelker says:

    This is a great post Trent. I was not aware of some of these sites, but I will defintely chekc into the. Thanks for the article!

  44. Perry says:

    I just got a good deal on a car on Craigslist. Our truck was starting to cost us too much in repairs and we had started the process of looking for a replacement. I thought it would take a while to find something that we wanted and then we would end up paying more than I wanted to for it. Last Friday I decided to see what was on Craigslist and found a 2004 Toyota Matrix, a car that we liked, for a good price. We test drove it that evening, took it to my mechanic on Monday and bought it on Tuesday. And the price was low enough that we were able to pay cash.

    BTW, I also saw an ad for a 2006 Honda Odyssey that seemed to good too be true. I e-mailed about it, but the reply I got started the warning alarms going and I dropped it. Did some Googling and sure enough it was a scam. Sometimes it pays to listen to your gut, because when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  45. @J
    Thanks for the info! I had no idea all that stuff could happen!!! I’m actually starting to have 2nd thoughts about selling my car through Craigslist now…

    Thanks Again!!! :)

  46. Great list, I’ve used many of these myself.

  47. I would have mentioned Amazon and eBay, oh, and Brown Cor if you do a lot of selling on either site. Cheapest boxes and packaging online as far as I can tell…

    You have put me over the edge on my Satellite bill. I’ve been toying with the idea for months. My husband won’t let me shut it off right now because HBO is running the Japan version of Band of Brothers. Once that’s done, I’m gone!

    I have the video monitor cable for the TV and I have to trouble shoot the screen issue (it puts the TV on as a secondary screen on the right instead of a primary screen). I’ll want to get a wireless pointer mouse to use as a “remote control” and we’ll be good to go. My husband just needs his train shows Monday (RFDTV) and the kids need cartoons which you can get anywhere. I just need Heros and I can get that for free. Is this the end for cable/satellite TV?

  48. Follow that Bird has been a staple in our home lately. My kids actually have more dvds then we do these days…I almost never buy a movie for myself, but sicne the kids like to watch their favorites over and over again it is sometimes cheaper to buy them then renting them repeatedly.

  49. J says:

    @Sullivan — the Netflix solution does indeed buffer locally. I’ve used it at my house with a cable modem (8 Mbps) as well as on my in-laws’ “slow” DSL (387K) connection, and it worked flawlessly, even in HD. It tested the connection speed, buffered appropriately and off we went.

    If you are watching the download from Amazon or BBOnline in a similar manner, the only possible difference is that you can essentially buffer longer. I don’t know if you can set a “better” buffer for Netflix. Perhaps if you paused it for a few minutes it would buffer enough?

    Unfortunately, a lot of these design choices are “made” by the content providers, using either system.

  50. Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com says:

    I always hear great things about Craigslist. I’m going to check out my local area and see what they have available.

  51. Jennifer says:

    I am curious why my post was deleted. I tried to word my question in a gentle and constructive way. Can you let me know so that I can be a good contributor to this forum?

  52. antman says:

    Regarding Hulu – After they become a paid site, as others mentioned above, the 5 most recent episodes will still be available to stream for free. There WILL be an increase in the number/length of ads on the non-premium content. Seems as if Hulu wants to have their cake and eat it too. IMO, seems like a risky move, espeially with options like Netflix available.

    Regarding Netflix – I have never had any problems streaming content (via 360). I watch an immense amount of the content online, particularly TV shows and documentaries. The movie selection is semi-limited, yes, but there’s always something to watch, and you can always stream TV while waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail. The new 30-day agreement resulted in a ton of new Fox shows to become available (24, Bones, X-files, King of the Hill, Arrested Development…)

  53. Alan says:

    (#2 Paperback Swap) As a Canadian, I was bummed that paperback swap didn’t reach Canada…until I found http://www.bookmooch.com . It is equally awesome and extends to all parts of the world. The first book I sent was to a fella in Portugal. Yay Bookmooch!

  54. Alan says:

    P.S. Comment #5 (Leah).

    What if there is a person named “its” and you want to denote the possessive? You’d HAVE to say either “Its'” or “Its’s.” :)

  55. Ellen says:

    Just wondering about the gas thing… So you drove a mile out of your way (1/2 mile each way) to save…? 10 cents a gallon and maybe an 8 gallon fill-up (?, unless you let it go down to quarter, but in earthquake country I avoid that), so you saved .80 cents and spent probably 50 cents (IRS mileage rate) driving there and back, plus your time. And how much did the Kindle/Internet access you? I just keep track in my head of what a “good price” about now and fill up when I’m near that and at about half a tank. Much like I do at the grocery store. I know what a “good price” is for something and take advantage when I see it.

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