The AT&T/Verizon Market Share Duopoly (Infographic)

If you’re having a difficult time understanding why you can’t get a lower Verizon bill or lower ATT bill, then take a look at this latest infographic.

ATT and Verizon Combined Market Share

This first infographic provides an overview of the AT&T and Verizon’s 64% control the U.S. cellular market. The graphic provides one of many ways to consider the possible effects of concentrated market share on consumers.

The Public Policy of Lower Bills

There are several perspectives on the question of the utility and efficiency of concentrating the ownership of the U.S. cellular spectrum between just a few companies. One perspective that’s interesting to note is the point of view from Washington. Just last year, the Dept. of Justice blocked AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile noting the deal would result in diminished competition. And now, the D.O.J. is reviewing Verizon’s proposal to acquire $3.6 billion in additional spectrum from cable companies that would increase their control of and capacity for U.S. smartphone data traffic.

Mobile Data Traffic Growth

Ultimately, U.S. data traffic in the foreseeable future is set to multiply several times over each year. Only time will tell what spectrum ownership structure will best suit the standards, interests and aims of providers, subscribers and regulatory agencies.


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Verizon vs. AT&T Infographic

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