You Can Sell Your Turnips for 1,000 Bells on Ally Bank’s ‘Animal Crossing’ Island

Ally Bank is taking the “digital money” movement literally and trading in the Animal Crossing stalk market by offering Animal Crossing players a visit to Ally Island to sell turnips for 1,000 bells per vegetable

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In the Animal Crossing game, you can buy turnips (usually for between 50-200 bells) on Sunday from a character called Daisy Mae. Then throughout the week, you can check the daily price that those turnips will sell for. The selling rate can be anywhere from 100 to 600 bells per turnip. It’s rare to find a selling price as high as 650 bells, which makes Ally’s 1,000 bells per turnip offer a pretty huge deal.

Ally Island is open through November 6th and using the Turnip.Exchange platform to coordinate visitors. Unfortunately, Ally is still beholden to Animal Crossing’s visiting protocol and is hosting only five visiting islanders at a time. This has led to long wait times and queue issues.

What happens to those who wait? 

Rightly in the spirit of Animal Crossing, which centers on patience and fuzzy feelings, Ally currently has its queue closed to assist those who’ve been waiting for a while or experienced technical difficulties. On Twitter, these players are reporting that Ally employees are visiting their island to trade the bells for their turnips. 

Other features found in Ally Island include: 

  • A mini downtown Detroit in honor of the company’s headquarters location
  • Race competition on the city’s tracks
  • Golf courses and an emporium

If you visit to sell your turnips, you’ll also meet a team of Ally employees decked out and ready to help you trade. You can also visit the island in dream mode with the code DA-9350-9609-6289, if you’d like to take a tour of the island without waiting in a queue. 

If you’d like to store your IRL money with Ally Bank, we chose it as one of our best savings accounts. Ally has no monthly fees, no minimum deposit and a high annual percentage rate.  

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